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White Israelite:


November 20th, 2007


Under the current laws of the United States of America, tax-exempt educational organizations like Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (of which I happen to be the founder and executive director) are strictly prohibited from engaging directly in electoral politics. That's why it's important to make sure you understand thoroughly that the following opinions are entirely mine, at the present moment, and do not necessarily reflect those of JPFO.

I have before me an article in which the Anti-Defamation League's "Assistant Director of Civil Rights", Steven Freeman is attempting to take Republican Congressman -- and dark horse Presidential Candidate -- Ron Paul to task for receiving a small campaign contribution from an otherwise obscure individual who turns out to run a white supremist website.

Aside from noting that, rather like the American Civil Liberties Union, the ADL's devotion to civil rights is rather hypocritically selective -- for example, they can't abide the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, and can barely tolerate anyone who employs his or her right to free speech in order to defend the private ownership of weapons -- there are one or two questions this sudden concern evokes.

Apparently there's a small handful, out there, of similar websites which, for some reason defying all logic, offer support to a man who is, in fact, their mortal ideological enemy. Paul, as I interpret what he has said over the past 20 years, is for individual freedom above all other considerations. Obviously racists and neofascists are collectivists, meaning that to them, it is the group that comes first, far above and beyond the interests of any "mere" individual. They are, therefore, socialists of one stripe or another (never forget that Hitler considered himself a socialist), and the enemies of freedom.

"Nazi" is an acronym for "National Socialist Workers' Democratic Party".

Why these socialists should admire Paul is a puzzlement. But then, they are what they are -- racists and neofascists -- so none of their lunatic thought processes should be taken very seriously, nor should the object of their irrationality be held in any way responsible for them.

Of course the ADL's real objective here is to force a candidate whom they see as their ideological enemy (once again, much more a matter of the eye of the beholder than of any character flaw their enemy may possess) to do a little dance for them whenever they feel like it. They want to push him through the ceremonial meat-slicer of renunciation, regret, and remorse that so many others have been pushed through in recent years. The trouble is that, like every other form of blackmail, it never ends. The instant he complies with their demands, he becomes their property, their toy, their organ-grinder's monkey, no longer a threat to the anti-Constitutional establishment they are part of.

It's clear that, before the ADL starts accusing anybody else of being unduly influenced by political undesirables, they have a few questions of their own to answer under the harsh light of public scrutiny. For example, to how many self-proclaimed Marxists might some tiny minority of donations to the ADL be traced? It's statistically inevitable that such a thing has happened, probably more than once. To my (admittedly incomplete) knowledge, they have never renounced such supporters or sent any money back. Does this make ADL a communist front group? I certainly don't think so, but by ADL's own standard, it does.

Much more importantly, the ADL has a little housecleaning of its own to do before they start pointing fingers. How can anybody take anything about them seriously as long as they continue to defend a blatantly unconstitutional federal law -- the late Senator Thomas Dodd's infamous 1968 Gun Control Act -- that is very little more than a translation into English (one performed at Dodd's written request by the Library of Congress) of Adolf Hitler's evil weapons legislation of 1938?

Go to to see for yourself a photograph of the actual letter that Dodd received from Lewis C. Coffin, Law Librarian of the Library of Congress, cheerfully replying to Dodd's request for a translation of the original Nazi legislation which the ADL presently supports. You might enjoy this too. ADL's shameful approval and compliance have helped turn a once-insignificant bureaucracy into a new Gestapo and a once-free America into a police state.

Furthermore, in light of the incontrovertible fact that every one of history's massive genocide campaigns was preceded by the forcible removal of weapons from private hands (as what politician wouldn't want to make sure the individuals he or she was planning to murder in cold blood couldn't fight back?), how can the ADL justify any kind of gun control laws -- more accurately termed "victim disarmament" -- at all?

Surely Abe Foxman, current national director of the ADL ought to know better. As a boy, most of his relatives were murdered by the Nazis precisely because they had been deprived of the means to defend themselves.

By contrast, see a webpage dedicated to the impressive accomplishments of a 2003 JPFO movie Innocents Betrayed where Paul himself is quoted as saying, "Innocents Betrayed has an important message for America. It shows why gun control must always be rejected, and it shows it very convincingly."

It's long past time for the ADL to do a little dance of their own, a dance of renunciation, regret, and remorse for the hundreds, or the thousands, or perhaps even the millions of innocent individuals that the policies they advocate are responsible for having injured or killed.

They must apologize to the shopkeeper, robbed, maimed, and killed because government, at one level or another, under policies the ADL has helped to shape -- allowed him nothing with which to defend himself.

They must apologize to the helpless woman who was raped and murdered because she wasn't permitted the physical means of self- defense.

They must apologize to the families of those who died needlessly because pressure groups like the ADL would rather see them all dead in a darkened alley somewhere than see them alive with a gun in their hand.

Go look at that handbill again. Send it out (along with this message, of course) to everyone you know, to all your friends and associates, to every enemy of freedom you have an e-mail address or URL for. ADL's hypocrisy must be exposed for what it is. Encourage everyone you know to write to the ADL and ask about their repulsive double standard. Ask them exactly what sort of moral compass Abe Foxman has that can allow that double standard to influence his own organization.

Visit ADL at .

Please understand, we are all living -- or at least we ought to be -- in a Bill of Rights culture, and that the ADL and racist groups have a right to express their opinions freely, although I personally think they're both festering boils full of pus on the derriere of the American body politic. But for the ADL to refer to itself as a civil rights organization is pure humbug. It is the Anti-Defamation League, and not Congressman Ron Paul, who are guilty by association -- with themselves.

ADL, burn in Hell.

Permission granted to distribute without additions or deletions. Copyright © Aaron Zelman 2007

Box 270143,Hartford ,WI 53027, USA


America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

November 21st, 2007


Following up on our alert yesterday about the hypocrisy of the ADL
condemning the Ron Paul campaign,  we thought we'd share with you
some comments from our readers.

We'd like to draw your attention to an error on our part regarding
the word ''democratic'', which was included in our description of
Nazi - when in fact of course there was nothing democratic about
the Nazi Party.  We have corrected the alert which is on our site -


Thank you Aaron, G*d Bless you and have wonderful Thanksgiving! Jack

Thank You, Mr. Zelman.

Thank you so much Aaron for defending Ron Paul.
Scott, Buffalo Grove, IL

Dear Aaron
Nice message - thank you for sending. Kindest regards.

Thank you for a cogent, clear and ideologically sound opinion on
the donations to the Ron Paul campaign.

Dear Aaron,

Not not all the ADL officials are so knee jerk liberal - the
director of our CT ADL is actually pretty conservative -and
religious. I think we need to identify potential converts within
the ADL's ranks and make  it address it's core issues -keeping Jews
safe. This includes widespread firearms ownership and training
among Jews and indeed all Americans who want to be secure and free.
When the Achmed shows up at you kid's school intent on mayhem,
throwing diversity pamphlets at him isn't going to help solve the
problem, but 230 grains of JHP will.

Dear Mr. Zelman:

Thank you for this information.  Your points are well taken and I
support Congressman Paul and despise racism of any sort.  And ADL,
burn in Hell, whew, I don't think I could say that and get away
with it.  You've got moxie.
All the best,

Dear Mr. Zelman:

Thank you for righting on a long suffering wrongs of the ADL an
organization which has lost it's way.
Thank you for the time and effort, courage, conviction, and search
of the truth if defending Dr. Ron Paul the only defender to my
knowledge who actually defends our Constitution and Bill of Rights
and has done so all his life.and bring out the hypocrisy of ADL.
 In Liberty, Billy

Right on, Aaron!

I will get this out to everyone in my mailbox and then some.

I don't know how much truth there is to this, but I have heard that
some of these nazi and fascist groups will work with the FBI.  If
that is the case, then I can see them trying to tie themselves with
Ron Paul in order to demonize him and help him lose elections.  The
enemies of Liberty will stop at nothing.  That always amazes me,
because it is their Liberty that is under fire as well.  Why do
they never understand that?

ADL can burn in hell is absolutely right.  I am going to give them
an earful as well.

Ron Paul will never get to the presidency in the first place, and
even if he does, the powers that be will assassinate him.  We are
going to have to watch this republic crash, and we are goinng to
have to restore it.  I just hope what is left of the American
people have the stomach to do it.  I will always fight for Liberty!

Never give up your guns -- no matter what "laws" they pass -- no
matter what they say or do -- no matter what!  If we give up the
firearms -- it's all over.  Period.

Sincerely, Ted

Hi Mr. Aaron Zelman

Wow just finish reading your "A Personal Message from Aaron
Zelman", powerfull, but the Truth must be told!   Just as strong as
"JPFO and NRA Have Different Views of BATFE".  No other site tells
it as it is!  I wanted to say keep up the Great work.  I always
listen to  "Talkin' to America" on my way to work,  I made 4 CD of
all the mp3s you have posted I always play it, every time I
carpool! Thanks for taking the time to read my email.
Mr. J C


- The Liberty Crew

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דוד בן זאב אריה:
Self Hating Jews. Hunter is much better

White Israelite:

--- Quote from: jtfrudy08 on December 01, 2007, 10:33:37 PM ---Self Hating Jews. Hunter is much better

--- End quote ---

Uh your calling the JPFO self hating Jews? They are the ONLY Jewish group who fights to protect our gun rights. Would you prefer to stick up for the ADL instead?

Do you even care about guns or are you one of those gun control kooks who rather not speak about it?

דוד בן זאב אריה:
Yes I care that is why I support a candidate that is does not intentionally appeal to Anti Semites as well as protest the Second Amendment. Mike Huckabee

White Israelite:

--- Quote from: jtfrudy08 on December 01, 2007, 11:17:51 PM ---Yes I care that is why I support a candidate that is does not intentionally appeal to Anti Semites as well as protest the Second Amendment. Mike Huckabee

--- End quote ---

So how do we know huckabee won't sign the assault weapon ban?

Ron Paul said he would get rid of the NICS (Background check) and work to get rid of other gun laws as well, also get rid of IRS.

These candidates say they support 2nd amendment yet they support silly restrictions unless your a hunter.


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