Author Topic: Easy Ways to stop "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"  (Read 2493 times)

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Easy Ways to stop "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"
« on: November 13, 2006, 08:59:27 PM »
This was originally posted on ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee) by the_patriot.

The original words were typed here:

The bolds, italics, and underlines are my edits for importants.  However, I encourage everyone to read the entire list.

Easy ways to stop comprehensive immigration reform
"Comprehensive immigration reform" is a codeword for a massive amnesty that will greatly increase legal immigration and lead to untold millions of new illegal aliens entering the U.S. Here are some easy ways you can help block this amnesty:

1. Leave comments on those blogs that support amnesty or illegal immigration. If most major blogs were vociferously against amnesty, that would reduce its chance of passing. You can find out which blogs are discussing a topic by searching at That service also shows how many links a site has received; generally speaking don't bother with sites that have less than 50 or so links. The goal of the comment and other factors will depend on the site. If a blogger could be persuaded to oppose amnesty, simply make suggestions and provide additional information. If a blogger is never going to come around to opposing amnesty, be a bit more forceful, pointing out in detail how they're wrong. But, always be polite, on-topic, post fact-filled comments, and avoid getting into useless arguments. For various reasons not related to abuse, some sites delete comments or ban users. Save all the comments you leave and where you leave them in a file in case you want to post comments that were deleted to your own site. Note that some newspapers also allow comments either attached to individual news stories or in a separate forum.

2. Start a blog. There are several free services that host blogs such as For best results, start it at your own domain name and with a paid web hosting company. You don't have to post every day or even every week. You can post examples of media bias, information on politicians, etc.

3. Compile backgrounders on those politicians and groups that support amnesty. These backgrounds would be mostly free of opinion and would list past statements and actions by those groups and who they're affiliated with. For examples, see the entries at Regular web pages, a blog, or a wiki can be used for this purpose.

4. Ask politicians and pundits tough questions at their public appearances, and just as important, make sure and publicize whatever response you receive. If the media won't report on the answer you received, publicize that as well.

5. Write to the ombudsmen of newspapers regarding biased reports they publish.

6. Edit Wikipedia entries for accuracy and completeness. Most Wikipedia entries turn up near the top of search results, and thus many people rely on them. Unfortunately, many entries are inaccurate and, even worse, missing key information.

7. Use links to your advantage. For example, if you're discussing Harry Reid's position on immigration, you could link to a page that provides a critical discussion of his policies using the link text "Harry Reid on immigration". That might help the linked page turn up higher in search results. If Reid has a page at his site discussing that issue, you might avoid using that same link text, because you would want the first result to turn up higher in search results. In the second case you could use something like "info" as the link text. When a selection of critical pages are available, vary the pages you link to as well as the link text ("immigration positions of Harry Reid", etc.)

8. Join interest groups such as FAIR, or subscribe to their mailing lists. Numbers USA also lets you send free faxes to elected officials.

9. Write, FAX, or call your representatives either regarding specific legislation or generally expressing your opposition to any form of amnesty.

10. Encourage everyone you know to do some of the above.