Author Topic: Haaretz sister paper's columnist sex pervert  (Read 1539 times)

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Haaretz sister paper's columnist sex pervert
« on: December 06, 2007, 02:07:41 PM »
A leftist no doubt           


Last update - 17:42 06/12/2007     
Journalist to be freed from jail after nabbed on sex crimes charges 
By Yigal Hai, Haaretz Correspondent 
Tags: sex crimes, journalist   

The Tel Aviv District Police on Thursday announced that journalist Adam Shuv would be release to house arrest, the day after he was arrested on charge sof sexual crimes.

Shuv, who is suspected of having unlawful sex with one minor and of committing indecent acts with another, will remain under house arrest for five days.

According to the police decision, Shuv is to be released on bail and must refrain from any contact with the complainants for 30 days.
Police arrested Shuv on Tuesday night, two weeks after one of his alleged underage victims complained to the police that he had raped her.

The court decided on Wednesday to extend his remand by three days in order to complete questioning, but police decided on Thursday to continue the investigation without keeping the suspect in custody.

Shuv worked until recently as the editor of TheMarker Cafe, the social networking site of Haaretz' sister publication, TheMarker.
A spokesman for Tel Aviv District Police said the minor's complaints had been examined over the past two weeks, leading police to decide that an investigation was justified. The spokesman added that another underaged girl had also accused Shuv of committing indecent acts.
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Re: Haaretz sister paper's columnist sex pervert
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Oh my!  :o