Author Topic: Settlers In Hebron Being Forced Out by Army  (Read 1398 times)

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Settlers In Hebron Being Forced Out by Army
« on: December 05, 2007, 10:47:38 PM »
Once again the Liberal Supreme Court is ordering the Army to kick out Jews from their homeland. Hebron is home to the Third Holiest Site in Judaism. The settlers occupied the four-storey building on March 29. They claimed that the Tal Construction Company had purchased the building from Palestinian Faiz Regbi and his partner via a Palestinian intermediary who acted on the Jewish company's behalf.

Regbi denied the claim and asked the police to help him evict the alleged trespassers. When they refused, he petitioned the High Court on April 17, asking it to recognize the settlers' actions as a "fresh trespass" and order the police to help him evict them.

This lying Arab Pig lied to get the Israelis out of Hebron. It is the Jew Hating Arabs combined with the self hating Jewish Left that is making it pure hell for Jews to live in the land that we liberated in 1967. In Modern History only one other country has taken over land and had the minority refused to leave. That was in Kosovo where the Muslims still live and are over 90% of the polulation in that region It's historic Serb land but they refuse to leave. Just like in Israel were Judea and Samaria is historic Jewish land and the Arab Scum won't leave. It's unprecedented and should be tolerated. Other than that no County in Modern History has refused to move out of land that was taken over. That would be like when the United States took over California and Texas just about all Mexicans left and let the Americans settle. But only into today's world would a Jew hating group like the UN put such pressure on a country to leave liberated land.

David Ben Ze'ev Aryeh