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Baruch HaShem, 4 New JTF Videos For ZooTube (12/7)

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Chaim Ben Pesach:

(The REAL Meaning Of Chanukah)

(Huckabee Is The Best Candidate On Israel)

(YouTube, CNN Rig Republican Presidential Debate)

(Iran is pursuing nuclear bombs and intends to use them)

Of course, zootube will probably remove at least some of the videos, especially the one exposing what they did during the Republican presidential debate. If that happens, our great members can reupload them from rapidshare. On rapidshare, these videos are named english102, english103, english104 and english105.

Hail Columbia:
Great job Chaim!

The video on CNN and youtube is one of your finest ever! WOW!!!



--- Quote from: mord on December 07, 2007, 06:20:11 AM ---Done

--- End quote ---

I want to see hundreds of our members on this video. We must get the word out!


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