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Pre-History and The Seven Worlds


I wrote this on a seperate thread but it belongs here so I'm posting it again. 

Adam and Eve were the first Homo Sapien Sapiens as far as The Bible is concerned. There were other hominids who became Homo Sapien Sapiens retroactively when Adam and Eve were created. There were also 974 generations before them. We know this because Moses was in the 1,000th generation, and he is the 26th in the line of Adam. The 974 were from Pre-History. There were 5 other Worlds. Each day of Creation represents a thousand years. Each thousand years represents a period of 7,000 years, each one being a separate World. Each of those thousand years is actually millions of years. But the the current 6th World we live in, the one that started on The Sixth Day of Creation and the creation of Adam and Eve is a literal 6,000 year period. Each World ends in a period of 1,000 years of a Messianic Era. That period will begin in 2240 C.E.. Then The Seventh World will be an eternal Messianic Era. The Seventh Millennium and the following Seventh World represent Shabbat, The Seventh Day of Creation.



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