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Baruch HaShem, 4 New Videos From David And Chaim (12/12)

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Chaim Ben Pesach:
                                                                                                                                 me to do some spring cleaning of these users.

ANother thing, they can very easily come on here as soon as we post new videos and go right to them and ban them within a day...


We know Marbus2 comes on this forum. That's how he knew that ppl flagging the videos benefited us.

marbus is obssessed! he favorites all of our videos

Chaim Ben Pesach:
It's not Marbus. He doesn't want us banned because he has invested so much time in making anti-JTF videos that he wants to have a target that still exists after all of his work.

We must step up our campaign of flaggings. This may eventually drive them crazy.

In the meantime, I'm going to check out the google videos site. That might give us a whole new opportunity while we are fighting a war of attrition and retaliation against the zootube Nazis.

Zvulun Ben Moshe:
These videos were obviously pulled, however if you follow this link you will see that one of our people kept the same videos on by omitting the words "JTF" and "Chaim ben Pesach" in tags and description of the videos.

Dr. Dan:
I should add that the myspace and google videos are much better and clearer that boob tube...we might be on to somethign here.

All of these videos are now on, as well as the mp3 versions:


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