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Baruch HaShem, 4 New Videos From David And Chaim (12/12)

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--- Quote from: WestCoastJTF on December 12, 2007, 11:13:03 PM ---All of these videos are now on, as well as the mp3 versions:

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WestCoastJTF -- You're doing something GREAT with -- and I really appreciate it!  O0


--- Quote from: Chaim Ben Pesach on December 12, 2007, 04:25:19 AM ---Although the videos will be removed by the zootube Nazis, I have also placed them on myspace. I have started an account with 12 English videos on myspace.

In addition, we should upload all of the old videos that were removed by zootube to This free video service of google apparently also has millions of viewers. The videos are all on rapidshare for any of our members who want to start uploading to google videos.

1. Here are the videos on zootube (they won't be there for long):
(Why We Support Huckabee For President)
(A Message For YouTube Competitors)
(The Backlash Against Youtube's Anti-Semitic Censorship)
(Why Leftwing Clinton And Obama Must Be Defeated)

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The obvious point here is -- it's a mere 20 hours after uploading, and all four videos are banned already! This is so frustrating and infuriating. There has to be a better way! Can't somebody work out a truce with whoever the enemies of JTF are??   :(

There's no way in hell all of these videos violate "terms of use policy!" This is sheer anti-American censorship, and there has to be some way to appeal to, or inform, the decent people of YouTube to prevent this abuse of their service and website. This is completely unfair and contrary to YouTube's open, and even secret, policy!!   :(

Hey, why not say ZuluTube? I think ZooTube is offensive to real zoos and the real animals that live there.

can we make a new part of the forum. invisible for people with less than e.g. 500 posts,
so we can put links to youtube videos there.
also before uploading change the video so it has another checksum?

I'm so happy about the myspace videos as well! It's been great, I'm heading there right now to comment and rate them. I'll also stop by the other video places we now have videos in!
I would also love for us to have our own JTF-tube like place, but don't know if that will ever happen. Or will it ;) ?


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