Author Topic: The theory of evolution proves the existence of G-d  (Read 3621 times)

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The theory of evolution proves the existence of G-d
« on: November 22, 2006, 12:56:28 AM »
I wrote this over on another forum, I would like to post it here too. 

In 'The Origin of Species', Darwin posited that, in the far future, millions of years hence, there would be alive no single animal unmodified from its present condition: that changing circumstances of life would force gradual, slow, but inexorable favourable mutations in all living creatures as they struggle to adapt and flourish in changing climatic and geographical circumstances.

From this we can conclude that Darwin believed human beings would eventually go the way of the dinosaur. Millions or billions of years from now, a new life-form will become dominant on Earth and replace humans, just as humans replaced dinosaurs as the world's rulers in the world's previous epoch. These new life-form will be as incomprehensibly different (not to mention more advanced) to our understanding as we would have been to the dinosaurs.

The chief different of course is that human beings will leave a written record, G-d willing, or their existence, which means that, if we preserve our knowledge over the countless generations, and if it comes to pass that the newly-dominant species of the Next Epoch will be from our line, it will be in the remarkable position of being able to read our books and see into our minds, in some way, billions of years from now ....

But if the new Masters of the planet are not from our line, in other words are not from the same species-grouping as us (which includes as you know the monkeys), all of our strugglings, strivings, all of our culture and our civilization, our way of life will have really been in vain, just as was the dinosaurs'.

If this was really the case, human existence would be futile. If we can never escape this planet, and achieve a higher form of life, then we are doomed, and life has no purpose.

But G-d has laid a finger upon me, and placed a thought into my head which is like a clear-opening sky after forty nights of rain and darkness: as it were, like emerging from a jungle into the dales: the purpose of humanity! What is our purpose?

Why are we here? What do we strive for?

Our role is to preserve our social system, to have children, and to maintain the human race, and to continue innovating! The human race is still just a child: our epoch may yet last for millions more years. Our goal during our existence as a race is to develop the technology which will let us escape this planet and immortalize ourselves. Listen to this important fact! Our human race will adapt and develop technologies which will let us take to the heavens, colonize other planets, and create planets in our own image: each human being will become a governor of her own planet, will herself become a G-d, an immortal living being in charge of her own entire planet or even her own solar system! And our technology will become so advanced in the future that we will learn how to resurrect the souls of the dead - and each righteous person will be spiritually reincarnated and will be given her own planet to rule: to rule as she sees fit, to express and fulfil EVERY side of her personality and emotional needs, and to live FOREVER in TOTAL HAPPINESS.

The human race is destined to become gods; the Creator of the Universe made a planet for every one of us. We may even be able to make more planets of our own. Technology will become so advanced in a million years' time that NOTHING will be impossible. G-d is going to let each of us become a G-d, just like Him!

The theory of evolution proves the existence of G-d.

And this is why we exist, in our mediocre everyday lives. To hand on what we have and to build more. To increase prosperity and love in the world for all. To PREVENT wars and suffering, so that the human race in all its diversity may innovate and adapt to the changing conditions of life, to constantly improve itself, to develop the character of an immortal Creator, to take to the stars, and to rule the galaxy (and everything which exists beyond: think of not just different worlds, each one incomparably different to anything we know, but entire different galaxies, an infinite number of unknown things the likes of which we cannot imagine).

And although we think ourselves to be worthless, and although the Time of the End (of things as we know them now) is too far off to even contemplate, in the end if we are righteous we will be brought back to life, and experience life again, and not just life, but to be filled with perfect Light, to live forever, to shine as a star in the heavens, and to feel infinite love.



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Re: The theory of evolution proves the existence of G-d
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I denounce this.  Yacov Menashe's threads explain things much better.


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Re: The theory of evolution proves the existence of G-d
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    Just because i have the title of "muslim" hanging over me, it doesn't mean i'm an air head. What is the matter with you? Why do you have to insult me when i haven't done anything to you. Please i respect you, theres no need to take out your anger on me.
    Don't Jews believe that they should respect their neighbours and give fair trial to their enemies? are meant to be righteous as you say, you don't seem to show it through your mannerism, like this. But i am not to judge.