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Note to Chaim: I originally wrote this question in early October and have edited it since. It is interesting to note that there is a new thread someone started in the past week that has shifted to a similar topic about Judaism and what is allowed in a relationship. The original poster was trying to find you a wife. The other topic is also a sticky topic so you should have no problem finding it if you care to review it.

Also please note that the subject of men on this forum talking about their bad experiences with meeting women is a constant topic here. One such conversation sprung up on a thread making fun of an immodestly dressed affirmative action woman that people said had some white features. I moved the relevant posts out of that thread and out of The Affirmative Action People Crisis Section on to a new thread where it won't be poulluted by a picture that is not appropriate for this forum. I locked the original thread. But I would like your permission to start a new section for Kahanist dating where there will be rules about modesty and about no dating between Jews and Gentiles. The current thread is at . There is too much talk about white women only liking black men. We need to shift talk about women into something positive, not degrading to the vast majority of white women.


I know you are in to healthy food. What is your opinion on women using cosmetics such as make-up and nail polish? Also, what about perfume? Is it un-healthy for them to use those products? Is it un-healthy for them to dye their hair? I think women shouldn't dye their hair unless it is because they have gray hair because it takes away from their natural beauty. I don't oppose women using the other products I mentioned in this paragraph and I think it makes them attractive. Do you think it is attractive if women use these products?

I prefer to marry a woman who does not dye her hair or have multiple piercings. I think it is savage to have earrings besides in the ear and she should only have one in each. Men should have none. I also only want to marry a virgin. What is your opinion on marrying a woman who is not a virgin? I also recently decided not to a kiss a woman until I get married. What is your opinion on these issues? I am not totally Shomer Negiah though. Are you Shomer Negiah and if not, would you kiss a woman before you get married? You mentioned that there were women interested in you. Did you ever date one?

Do you believe all Jews should refrain from pre-marital kissing?

Do you believe all Jews should be Shomrei Negiah?

Do you want your wife to cover her hair? What do you think of women who cover their heads with a wig? If she uses a wig, then she most likely has to keep her real hair short so it won't stick out so even her husband can't enjoy it. I don't mind if my wife won't cover he hair but I would want her to use a scarf covering so I can see her real hair at home. What do you think of Haredit women who shave their real hair and then wear a wig? 

Do you believe it is okay for women to wear pants?

Someone on this forum mentioned in the America's Morality Crisis Section that there is a prophesy that women will have hoop earrings, have shoes that click (High healed shoes.), and artificial nails. He said it is because women will be evil and and try to seduct men. This particular poster has a thing about writing bad things about white women because he thinks all they care about is black men. I don't oppose women having earrings if it is one per ear. I don't have a problem with women wearing high healed shoes or artificial nails. Those types of things can be attractive. Do you think it is healthy for them to have high healed shoes or artificial nails? Do you find it attractive? 

I like if a woman has one earring per ear. Do you like it or are you against any earrings?

Everyone on the forum wishes you to find a wife soon. Do you think JTF should set up match making for Kahanist Jews or help you find a wife? Kahanism also involves reproducing and having Jewish babies, not just politics.

Dear Chaim,
  Can you give me the legitimate web address of the Talmud on line. If you don't have one at the moment please post it on the forum if you can. Also, do you have any JTF chapters in Los Angeles? I think that once people out there get wind of JTF, you would get much support.
Many thanks

Shalom Chaim,

You can pick whichever question you would like to answer.

1) What are some of your favorite Pirkei Avot?

2) Why did Israel attack the USS Liberty in 1967? I've read many interpretations on it from many different perspectives and all seem to distort the facts in order to suit one agenda or another.

Todah Rabah v'shavua tov.

Dear Chaim:

      Thank you for answering my questions about the Jewish Press a few weeks back, I very much appreciate your honesty.

    I did want to say though regarding “Chained Women” agunot  the way the Jewish Press has handled it has hurt the cases of real “agunot”. I don’t believe most agunot are wives that are beaten by their husbands. Every serious study has clearly shown that women are just as likely to commit physical violence in a relationship and some cases are mutual. The Feminists and the UN support this one sided view of abuse. The UN wants to use the America model used in the women shelters in other western countries. It is supported with 1 billion dollars from the violence against women’s act passed by Bill Clinton in which the billion go to feminazi’s..  (The women shelters are run by very extreme feminists who have made threats to women that don’t share their views) Anyway, the cases I have heard are cases where men walk out and don’t give a get or other cases where men are not available for the most part. But those cases the Jewish Press believes are in the minority. Furthermore, the Jewish Press supports feminism and admit the feminists are the one’s mostly involved with this false presentation of aguna’s which many think is a legitimate presentation of this issue? (I have noticed this as well.) In the November 8th’’s  Jewish Press, (letter below if have time to read it) the Jewish Press mentioned that a agunah conference was cancelled in Jerusalem because some Rabbi’s didn’t want to feel they were giving in to feminist pressure. Furthermore, the Jewish Press while discussing other conservative issue’s never has debates about feminism. Because the Jewish Press supports all forms of feminism and does not allow free speech in this area. The way the agunah is handled by the Jewish Press which is the way it is handled by all Orthodox groups from what I understand I do not support.  It is unacceptable to only be concerned about a 30 year old women but not be concerned about a six year old boy or girl and what the effects a divorce will be on them. Sometimes they are left with an abusive mother who teach their children to hate their father. This is horrible beyond words.
I do suspect the editor’s daughter’s divorce may have had something to with this. I suspect it wasn’t as one-sided as you heard. I think that the Jewish Press is more responsible then any other Jewish paper for the  serious single crisis effecting Orthodox Jews in the US because of the fact it had some legitimacy (since Rabbi Kahane wrote for it) and pushes a women’s supreme right over the whole family unit which has done tremendous harm and has caused tremendous mistrust of the institute of marriage in the Orthodox world.  I don’t feel the Jewish Press is a garbage paper. I think it is an evil paper that does not have the proper attitude towards the family and I would hope the Kahanists would be as strong in this area as other area’s.  I really hope that the Kahanist’s are never involved (which thankfully you write your own articles on your own site) with this paper again as at this point Kahanist should not give this paper ANY legitimacy. I appreciate your work in many area’s and what you have done for soviet Jewry and you’re support to Noam and Elisheva Federman and the hilltop youth and Israel. Just feel in the area of marriage and raising healthy children (which the Federman’s are doing although  the evil Israeli gov’t is trying to destroy the family)  you need a mother and father for and not men that are doormats and henpecked because women because of feminism and false domestic abuse stories will only marry men that are wimps because otherwise they think they are going to be abused(which they do tell women untrue traits that could mean a man is abusive..  I feel the Kahanist movement has not been as militant in general. in this area as other area’s. Thanks for all you do and you can respond to this.

Rabbi Yosef Blau On The Canceled Conference
By: Elliot Resnick, Jewish Press Staff Reporter
Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Rabbi Shlomo Amar met on Tuesday with rabbis who made the trek to Israel for the now canceled agunah conference. The Jewish Press spoke with one of them, Rabbi Yosef Blau, mashgiach ruchani of Yeshiva University.
"Rav Amar explained that he thought the conference was a good idea, but that he canceled it because he didn't want machlokes," Rabbi Blau said. "He said he wants to arrange a conference in the future when things are calmer. He didn't say why it's not calm now so I don't know how it's going to be calmer in the future."

Rabbi Blau said he was "disappointed" that Rabbi Amar canceled the conference, the purpose of which, he said, "was not meant to come out with a solution" but rather to "discuss different approaches to dealing with the problem of agunos."
Rabbi Blau said that Rabbi Amar told them that some rabbis – without specifying which – felt that holding the conference would give the appearance that rabbis are responding to feminist pressure. However, Rabbi Blau says this accusation is an "insult to the chief rabbi of Israel and all the rabbonim who agreed to go."
On the contrary, Rabbi Blau argued, canceling the conference "has strengthened feminist tendencies because now the perception is that rabbis are not willing to deal with the issue of agunos. The argument is backwards and upside down."
Among other problems the conference would have addressed, said Rabbi Blau, is that of "greater cooperation between batei din on jurisdiction matters Some cases are not even dealt with because there's no agreement between the husband and wife which beis din to go to, and there's no way to force anyone to go to any particular beis din."
Ultimately, Rabbi Blau concluded, "this is not a women's issue; it's an issue of tzedek." Refusing to discuss halachic problems, he added, "frustrates people and creates a lack of respect for Torah."



Christian Zionist:
Dear Chaim,

I remember once reading in a previous JTF website article about you endorsing Michael Kleiner of the Herut party for one of the past elections in Israel.  After that I did not see anything about Michael Kleiner in the subsequent JTF website articles.  Was Baruch Marzel originally with the Herut party?  If so why did he break away from Michael Kleiner. Will that not split the Kahanite votes?  What is the significant difference between Michael Kleiner's party and Baruch Marzel's party? 

Thanks In Advance!

Christian Zionist.


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