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I learned today that both of the Talmuds were originally written in Aramaic and not in Hebrew.  I also learned that Aramaic is the only language which the angels do not understand, and since angels normally gather up prayers and personally deliver them to the Holy One then Aramaic is the only language in which one can pray directly to G-d.

Do you think that if more Kahanists prayed in Aramaic there would be a better chance of G-d heeding their pleas?

I have a theory that Satan sometimes intercepts people's dreams and prevents G-d from hearing them.  This might be one reason why so many innocent people cry out in despair and agony but receive no mercy from Hashem.  Satan is also responsible for 'telling tales' about people before G-d, slandering their name and moral character.  But if Satan does not understand Aramaic, then he will no longer be able to do this.

So should people start learning Aramaic for prayer?


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