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To JSullivan: When will Chaim's rules for the dating sections be ready?

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I hope nobody finds this over the top. I just think that for the sacrifices Chaim has made he deserves to get married and have some kind of family. I mean if that animal Rupert Murdoch at 70 years old and with 4 children from two previous marriages marries a 30 year old scummy women who is only interrested in his money some younger women should be interested in a soon to be 50-year old Chaim who has made legitimate sacrifices for Russian Jewry and Israeli Jewry. The reasons aren't for money but is rewarding a man that has made a tremendous sacrifice for the Jewish people. Anyone I hope people don't find this post over the top. I know there aren't that many women on this forum.

fake plastic trees:

--- Quote from: Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim on November 23, 2006, 11:46:42 PM ---I believe in...not kissing before marriage.

--- End quote ---

nice life you'll have

To answer your question: No.  Young women today are too dumbed down with Liberalism, Shvartzism, "progressive" Judaism or Orthodox Judaism that wishes to remain voiceless and weak in my humble opinion.  My sister is a nice "Reform" Jew, Top of her profession, VERY Liberal, 36, filled with feminist false self confidence and wonders why she is single?  A direct product of "Progressive" thinking in my opinion.  Those who should be married and having children aren't and those who aren't married who should NOT be having children are.  Of couse there are exceptions to every rule, the Muslims who are married and are having litters of 8-15 children....that those in the first catagory are financing through massive "Wealth Transfer" programs and "progressive" taxation....  "Decline of the West"...

Go meet someone through your synagogue or something. Get involved in your synagogue or church and help out when you can. I guarantee you'll meet someone nice that way.

IMO, this thread is over the top. For goodness sake, people...  >:(

Steps to finding a girl:

1) Stop generalizing them as brainwashed, only liking black men, liberal, etc, etc.

2) If you have a small group of friends and/or don't want to meet them in places like clubs, etc(wouldn't blame you if you didn't) then get involved in your community. This can be church, sports that are good for co-ed like volleyball, community service, volunteer at hospitals, clinics, old folks homes, etc. You will meet girls in these things. Chances are, girls with morals

3) Get rid of notions like not kissing before marriage. I'm sorry Yaacov but that is ridiculous. I've never heard of this and I know plenty of orthodox Jews. There's nothing wrong with maintaining your virginity but girls will want some intimacy.

4) Be confidant and be yourself. If a girl isn't gonna accept you and your shortcomings, why bother? Unless she's really really really hot of course. ;)

Chaim is, and will be, blessed.  His sacrifices will be rewarded.  He was chosen for a very difficult, thankless job, and he did not shirk his responsibilities or ask for the cup to be taken from him.  He has allowed the Lord to lead him, and for this he will undoubtedly be rewarded.

Signed, Married and old.


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