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Unjust Judges in Israel


"Woe to those who make unjust laws,
to those who issue oppressive decrees,
to deprive the poor of their rights
and withhold justice from the oppressed of My people...

What will you do on the day of reckoning,
when disaster comes from afar?" Isaiah 10:1-3
Steven Plaut writes:

Israel has just become the first nation on earth in which a judge ruled
that granting army veterans preferences is unconstitutional. A bit
astounding, considering that Israel does not even have a constitution.

In the second-stupidest court decision of the year, a Haifa judge has
ruled that the University of Haifa's policy of granting army vets
preferences in allotment of scarce dorm space is illegal because it
discriminates against Arabs. Most Arabs do not serve in the army, because
they are not conscripted, although no one is stopping them from
volunteering to serve. And those Arabs who serve their country would have
gotten the dorm preferences.

A court motion was filed by an Arab "civil rights group" in collaboration
with anti-Zionist extremist Ilan Pappe, a faculty member at Haifa U,
against the university for this "discrimination" in favor of army vets.
They claimed it was unfair to Arab students. The judge agreed.

Let us be clear what this means. A wounded Jewish soldier coming home
from the front and an Arab radical student waving a Hezbollah flag are
competing for a dorm slot. (The dorms are underpriced, by the way, which
is why the demand is so high.) SO now, according to court diktat, the
university would have to grant the room to the Hezbollah cheerleader if
the latter could show, say, he was coming from a further distance or that
his father had lower reported income. (A colleague of mine suggested
years ago that dorm rooms be allotted by grades only, not "social need",
but the proposal was shot down.)

The idea of dorm buildings at Haifa U being bedecked with Hezbollah flags
by Arab students is not so far-fetched. Radical Arab students on campus
have long marched about with PLO flags. Radical Haifa U professors in the
past hoisted the PLO flag on campus and would have no problem doing the
same with a Hezbollah flag . . .
(source: email)

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That's messed up and sick. I liked the quote from the Bible on the top.

"I liked the quote from the Bible on the top."

My addition. It seemed appropriate!

im an undergraduate student in the technion (haifa), and damn, i can really understand and confirm this article. not only the bloody radical arabs who hate the state of Israel get equal rights with ALL the students, they also got privileges! u actually got more chances to get accepted to the university then a good JEW student!!!. to get pass the demands of the university, i studied like crazy during the whole highschool, and so big was my rage to discover that lower then average arab students got accepted only because the technion, and other universities, lower their demands. BLOODY OUTRAGEOUS!!!. it is fine when its being done to support lower social class Jews, but helping the arabs to get there INSTEAD of our own blood? real case of over liberalism. plus, i got some stories to tell about how extreme antisemitic and nazi can they get, these "fellow" arab students i know. for example, its hard to find a toilet booth in the campus where its not written there on the walls by these arabs: "DEATH TO JEWS". yes, in the holyland. (of course, there are considerably more "DEATH TO (FASHTINKENER) ARABS" writings following the first kind ones, but come on! not only they live here as a well treated minority (they are only meanwhile a minority of course) and get everything they want as an anti-discriminatory policy everywhere practically, they want more. what a nature.. for how long will this blind institution allow all this mess?!

I believe you, NeverMore! Israel's Arabs are like America's blacks, and both of our insane governments can't do enough for these ungrateful minorities who hate their host country anyway.


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