Author Topic: Pennsylvania classes constitutionalists/gun owners as domestic terrorists!  (Read 2080 times)

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Domestic Terrorists

Anti-Government Groups

Often associated with unorganized militias, the Anti-Government movement actually embraces a much larger variety of groups and causes. The extreme fringe believes that the U.S. government is either the enemy or has been subverted by the enemy and must be actively defended against.

Anti-Government Issues and Beliefs

Gun Control is a conspiracy to enslave us starting with the removal of our ability to either defend ourselves or forcefully change our government.

The first ten amendments of The Constitution are G-d given and all others are temporary, invalid or outright fraudulent.

All judicial authority resides with the people. The jury, not the Judge, directs trials and can nullify laws they do not approve of.

U.S. sovereignty is being surrendered to the U.N., World Court, and World Bank, with the U.S. becoming an economic region of this New World Order.

Anti-Government activists often believe they have never accepted U.S. citizenship or can renounce it.

Federal and State governments do not have the legal authority to levy taxes or interfere with travel or private enterprise by requiring licenses or regulating activity or conduct.

Anti-Government Groups

The history of our country is filled with opposition to a strong federal government. George Washington marched troops into Pennsylvania to enforce the federal government’s power to levy taxes. We fought a civil war over the question of the power of states vs. federal government.

The modern Anti-Government movement evolved in reaction to:

• gun control laws of the 1990s
• the federal government’s actions at Waco (Branch Davidians)
• the federal government’s actions at Ruby Ridge (Randy Weaver)