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Hail Columbia:
I heard about JTF from, and I would have to say that this site is pretty good.  I disagree with some of the opinions on race (I'm Hispanic), but I completely agree on what to with the Middle East.

What's righteous about invading another person's country and reclaiming it as part of your own?   ???

I just realized what I said.

Oops!   ;D

Shlomo: is a great site run by a very cool webmaster.

Nothing wrong with being Hispanic. My wife is Hispanic AND Jewish... Hispanic ladies are babes.


"...Hispanic ladies are babes..."

Jewish young women should observe them and emulate them:

They live to be married mothers with children, and feel shamed when childless.

I have no sympathy for illegal cross-border invaders, but I will give credit where credit is due:

Rarely do I see a Mexican "undocumented" couple unmarried and without at least two or three children.

This while risking their livesd to live in poverty in a shantytown, and drive a third-hand broken down Plymouth van.

How is it, that they somehow survive and reproduce, while the vast majority of American and Israeli Jews can't even find a suitable mate from amongst our own people?...

Chasidim notwithstanding, when's the last time you saw an American Jewish couple below the age of 25 with five or six young Jewish babies in tow?

Think about it.


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