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Shalom Chaim,

If you don't have anytime for everything I wrote, please read this whole post outloud on Ask JTF and comment on it. There are no particular questions in it.

I enjoyed your answer to the question about Mr. Rogers and I thought it was a funny, entertaining, and hilarious way to answer it. If you were translating Schvartza Farakhan's show into Ebonics, it would be Mista Farakhan's Hood. Your schvartza jokes are what turns so many people on to JTF. If it wasn't for your jokes about Carl McCall and Al Sharpton, I wouldn't have gotten hooked on JTF. I used to just visit occasionally but I never listened to the show because I thought my old computer couldn't download it but when I got a new computer, I started to listen. That was when I was visiting The United States in 2002 while I was living in Israel. When I came from Israel, I liked to joke about blacks and that expanded even more when hearing your shows and I was thinking about that episode of Carl McCall peeing in the elevators and the hallways of the housing projects all day long, every day. When you come back from Israel, it really hits you because the first thing you see in the airport is all the blacks working there the minute you step out of the airplane. I heard the same thing from a JTF fan I met in Jerusalem. If it wasn't for the shows, I would have just come back periodically like I used to do with other Kahanist sites. I also became a regular on a little later because David HaIvri said I should go there to ask questions because I was asking him. I was in contact with him because I bought The Haggadah of The Jewish Idea from him. That was before he was banned from and before he started Revava. Now with this forum, people can contact you directly. Before if I wanted to know something about Kahanism, I had to ask HaIvri and I once even contacted Bill Maniac and they gave misinformation about you. Even when I contributed to JTF, you never answered the particular questions I had about your dealing with Kfar Tapuach Kahanists. Finally, Jimmy Sullivan explained to us all on the forum your stance on other Kahanists and that was at the same time you exposed "JDL" and Bnei Elim. Bnei Elim sends me stuff in the E-mail too as does HaIvri. I don't think Maniac knows that I run this forum because he sent me a personal message telling me about Bnei Elim because I had contacted him when he was the head of "JDL" because I thought he was a "Kahanist authority". Now people won't make those mistakes because we have this forum.

For your information, the reason why Yekutiel's forum doesn't bash JTF anymore is because somehow, the current Revava adminstreators seized control of it. When Yekutiel gained back control, the people who are Revava administrators were removed from their posts on and after the infighting between the two forums, all the people who hate JTF left and now post only on Revava. Yekutiel himself never bashed JTF. Under the current rules of, any opinion is allowed and they don't allow slandering.

Regarding Revava LeHar HaBayit, HaIvri did a few broadcasts back then promote it. I think all his people were arrested at the Old City gates before they got to The Temple Mount. There were a few people who wanted to go up that heard about it including Arutz 7's Yishai Fleisher who had reported about it but HaIvri went about it in the wrong way because The Bolshevik Police were prepared in advance to stop people from arriving if they looked anything like a settler. I agree with you that it ended up being a bluff.

I first found out about JTF in 2000 on Yahoo Chat from Yoel. He spread the word to me for which G-d will bless him. He told me in a private message on Yekutiel's forum to start this forum. Without him, I wouldn't have ever started it so he deserves credit too. He never joined the forum himself though until later on and then I made him an administrator. It also took him a while to join the new forum and then I made him one here too.

Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim,
Chief Administrator.

'Are Karaites Jewish? I was told they're not because they follow patrilineal descent so Rabbinic Jews can't marry them. We also don't accept each other's divorces so there is a chashash of mamzerut.'

(Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim)

Good question!  What if there was a Karaite (or even a Messianic Jew) who was Jewish from his mother's line, would it be permitted for him to marry a regular Jewish woman?

Also Chaim, what do you think of the Liberal movement, we have a prominent Liberal Judaism movement in Britain complete with blonde-haired female rabbis. 

Is it true that in this tolerant day and age anyone who feels spiritually Jewish can become Jewish if they like?

Joe Gutfeld:
Hi Chaim!!  I would like your hear views on that Borat movie and if the guy who plays the part, is a jew hater even though he is jewish himself.

Christian Zionist:
Dear Chaim,

You are correct when you responded to ItalianZionist a few weeks ago that the alleged Talmudic verses quoted by ItalianZionist are found in the muslim and anti-semitic web sites.

Like Italian Zionist I also read certain things about the Talmud in the internet and I want to get your comments on the following ant-Jewish claims:

1. Jews use 2 different versions of the Talmud: one is the original Babylonian Talmud and a different version of the Talmud which is a censored and modified version to deceive the gentiles. To find out the real truth about the Talmud non-Jews should read the book Hesronot Ha-shas which lists both the original Talmud texts that were later changed or omitted, and the falsified texts cited for Gentile consumption.

2.  Kol Nidre prayer  authorizes Jews to lie to non-Jews about the true verses of the Talmud.

3. Rabbi Kahane taught that the Arabs are dogs and defended his teachings in a CBS interview that he derived that from the Talmud.

4. The anti-Talmudic websites also accuse Zionist Christians as blind supporters of the Jews without realizing what the Talmud really says while commending Karaites Jews for rejecting the Talmud.  Karaite Jews, after reading the Talmud realized that the Talmud could not have been divinely inspired and therefore hated by the Orthodox Jews!

I personally do not care about the authenticity of the above claims.  Bible commands us to support Israel and the Jews. Thats all I need.


Christian Zionist

Shalom Chaim. You often criticize the modern day music that the younger generation listens to today. I am curious to know about one type of music in particular. What is your view on Lenny Solomon and "Shlock Rock"? This is someone who has taken popular modern songs, including rap, and changed or created the lyrics to fit a Jewish theme and expressing Jewish pride.

When I was in high school, I often looked forward to participating with Lenny Solomon when he visited the schools and on JPSY (Jewish Public School Youth) Shabbatons. An example of one of his Jewish raps is where the chorus states. "Jewish pride keeps us growing strong, makes our people last real long. So don't ignore what comes from inside, let it grow cause it's Jewish Pride!"

So I'm just curious to know of your view of something that is in a form that you seem to despise, yet expresses a very positive message about Jewish pride. Thanks.


Yacov Menashe adds: I am a fan of Shlock Rock. Most Shlock Rock rap songs are more like chants set to music than they are to the rap noise coming out of the mouths of the affirmative action rap noise people. Etan G. on his own does rap songs that resemble gangster rap in style but when he does it with Shlock Rock, it doesn't sound like that garbage. I do recall Chaim criticizing JJ Greenberg of Shlock Rock's Hall of Fame after he died in a biking accident in Israel and had his organs donated to Arab Muslim Nazis. When organs are donated, they don't say where they are going to so if someone has the intention to help their fellow Jews, the politically correct organ donation organizers give the organs to Arabs or blacks. Back to rap, only a small portion of their songs are rap.


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