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Also, if you go over to  you can see what they are up to, what is coming up for them to vote on  and what they have recently voted upon.

ALSO: YOU CAN POST A LETTER TO ANY CONGRESS MEMEBER OR THE VICE PREZ OR THE PREZ, ETC OR ANY CABINET MEMBER for all to see there (or privately) YOu can have letters HAND DELIVERED TO Capitol Hill for Ten dollars.


On the left side there is the "media link" and you can contact EVERY SINGLE NEWSPAPER, TV NEWS AND RADIO STATION IN THE UNITED STATES THERE!!!!!!!!!! (I think you can email 5 places at one time) and they have all the contact information too!!!!!!

Be informed, get involved, speak up, do not be silent....!!!!

Very good find


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  LOOK when CJD wrote this. Cant say we were not warned.

Great website. I look forward to using it. Thanks!

If you want to see how many American people are unhappy about this bailout bill, go over to and go to "letters to leaders" and you will see.

So far I've not seen one person say "THANKYOU FOR THE BAILOUT BILL" it's all been negative.


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