Author Topic: FOX Journalists Freed by "Kidnappers" in Gaza - Ruse by Palestinians?  (Read 2976 times)

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I have a funny feeling about the recent "kidnapping" of the FOX journalist Steve Centanni and his cameraman in Gaza. Something doesn't smell right. I think this whole incident was concocted by the Palestinian authorities to make them look "moderate" and "anti-terrorist" and unlike their brethren in Lebanon, "in control" of their country. The entire thing sounded strange from the offset: first, why kidnap journalists in Gaza, and by a group that no one has ever heard of? Then, the quick "release" after supposed stern admonitions to the group by the Palestinian Authority (sort of a terrorist one-on-one), making the Palestinians come up smelling like a rose, with one of the hostages (Centanni) raving about how wonderful, warm and decent the Palestinian people are (well, at least to those gullible idiots in the media). The Arab world has learned how to play the PR game, and are no fools when it comes to manipulation of the press - this scenario gives the Palestinian "government" credibility, even if it is Hamas that is in charge (see---they're not the monsters you guys think they are). The targeting of FOX News journalists is particularly crafty, as this is the network that comes closest to speaking the truth about Arabic terrorism and the Islamic threat. Now, they show how "merciful" they are even to those who criticize them and the world falls for it - very, very clever.