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This is from the Conservative Book Club. Anybody else from this book club as they have some good books.

The politically-incorrect facts about women -- and their inborn differences from men -- that feminists don't want you to know
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism
by Carrie Lukas
Exclusive hardcover edition -- not available in stores!

For the past forty years, feminists have sought aggressively to remake the role of women in society -- badgering women to steer clear of traditional marriages, work full-time while striving to become CEOs, and put off having children. To further this agenda, feminists and their allies in government, media, and our educational system have put forth a number of dangerous myths about women -- while successfully suppressing evidence of the important inborn differences between the sexes. Now, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism exposes the most common and destructive of these myths, and takes on taboo areas of research not discussed in the politically correct world of academia and popular culture.

"For too long, the feminist movement has dictated what's appropriate to talk about -- and what's off-limits -- when it comes to issues affecting women's lives," writes author Carrie Lukas. "An ethic of silence has surrounded issues like the negative sides of casual sex, the relationship between age and infertility, and the effects of daycare and divorce on kids. This silence has real consequences for women, their families, and our society. This book fills the knowledge gap by highlighting research in areas of critical importance to women's lives -- from sex, love, and marriage to work, daycare, and divorce. It exposes how the feminist vision of what women should want their lives to be often runs counter to the hopes and desires of actual women."

PC myths busted, un-PC facts revealed:

-Recent discoveries about the differences in men's and women's brains that may account for some of the different characteristics we associate with the two sexes

-The top 10 worst lessons for women from Sex and the City

-Fertility: the unforgiving facts of nature that young women need to know before they delay childbearing

-The impossible feminist dream of "having it all": how women who put their careers first inevitably suffer in their personal and/or family lives

-How feminists want women freed from relying on husbands for support -- but pine for a sugar daddy in Uncle Sam

-This is "liberation"? What prominent feminists have said, pushing for big government to take care of them

-Research that shows that, even in our "liberated" age, women still tend to prefer men who are breadwinners, whom they consider intellectually superior, and who can physically protect them

-The two "politically incorrect" qualities that men are most attracted to in women

-Why married women report higher levels of happiness than single and divorced women

-Statistics: how married women (and men) live longer, stay healthier, and are more financially secure than singles

-Abortion: the significant health risks to women that feminists and the abortion lobby have tried to suppress

-Why women were the big losers in the Sexual Revolution

-Why, even in the modern workplace, women still find paid work less fulfilling than other, more personal activities -- especially marriage and motherhood

-Daycare delusions: what feminists and the daycare lobby don't want you to know about its harmful effects on children

-The torrent of research -- most of it suppressed -- suggesting that children with parents as primary caregivers are better off than those in full-time daycare

-Recent research that completely undermines the feminist claim that gender is a "social construct" with no basis in biology

-How gender differences in behavior can be observed from the first moment of infancy

-How traditional courtship protected women -- and how the modern way of "romance" leaves them unprotected (and, more often than not, ultimately miserable)

-Why most women regret casual sex -- not just immediately, but also years later when they're married

-Cohabitation vs. marriage: why cohabiting couples who eventually marry are more, not less likely to split up

-Do women have a biological aversion to casual sex? The evidence

-Study findings: the crucial role parents play in shaping teens' attitudes towards sex

-Abstinence programs: how, despite liberal opposition, research confirms their effectiveness

-The Big Lie of "safe sex" -- and why women are more at risk of permanent health damage than men

-"Domestic violence": How feminists distort the facts about violence against women -- and how the truth actually supports the case for traditional monogamous marriage

-Demolished: the feminist myth that "one in four" women have been victims of rape or attempted rape -- and the sleight of hand behind that dishonest statistic

-Why women who divorce usually have profound regrets -- and often end up unhappier than when they were married

-Recent research suggesting that children of divorce are far more likely to suffer from serious pathologies and to exhibit antisocial behavior

-The myth of the "gender gap": polling data from the 2004 election showing that women's top voting priorities were remarkably similar to men's

-Feminism on campus: an eye-opening look at the useless or counterproductive courses available on campus today

-From traditional dating to "hooking up": pitfalls (especially for women) of the new dating terrain -- and why we need a return to more conventional courtship

-"Women's Studies" warped view of relationships: outrageous-but-true quotes about heterosexual love from widely used feminist textbooks

-Why feminists are "pro-choice" only on abortion -- but want government making decisions about healthcare, retirement savings, and schooling

-Why women, like men, are better served by a limited government

"A whole generation of "liberated" women has been kept in the dark by feminists in the schools, universities, and media. Carrie Lukas exposes the damage these ideologues have wreaked and gives young women the chance to make truly informed decisions about their own lives. It's the advice your mother should have given you but may have been afraid to." -- Linda Chavez, author of An Unlikely Conservative: The Transformation of an Ex-Liberal
"A lively, well-written and well-researched antidote to feminist agitprop from an author who is authentically pro-women. This book is a must read for those who care about the next generation of young women." -- Kate O'Beirne, Washington Editor, National Review, author of Women Who Make the World Worse

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