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Shalom Chaim,

Thank you for answering my question about Karaites. Are they Jewish if their mother's mother's .... mother was Jewish or are they all not Jewish because of the chashash?

The reason why I wanted to know the list of JDL leaders is because I like to learn Kahanist History. I am also a History major in college. After you gave me the list, I put it on Wikipedia but that was not the reason I wanted it.

Just to continue from last week, I am including the rest including how I found out about JTF.

I first found out about JTF in 2000 on Yahoo Chat from Yoel. He spread the word to me for which G-d will bless him. He told me in a private message on Yekutiel's forum to start this forum. Without him, I wouldn't have ever started it so he deserves credit too. He never joined the forum himself though until later on and then I made him an administrator. It also took him a while to join the new forum and then I made him one here too.

I first started going on The Forum around March, 2004 because David HaIvri said I should go there to ask questions because I was asking him in January of that year. I was in contact with him because I bought The Haggadah of The Jewish Idea from him. That was before he was banned from and before he started Revava. Now with this forum, people can contact you directly. Before if I wanted to know something about Kahanism, I had to ask HaIvri and I once even contacted Bill Maniac and they gave misinformation about you. Even when I contributed to JTF, you never answered the particular questions I had about your dealing with Kfar Tapuach Kahanists. Finally, Jimmy Sullivan explained to us all on the forum your stance on other Kahanists and that was at the same time you exposed "JDL" and Bnei Elim. Bnei Elim sends me stuff in the E-mail too as does HaIvri. I don't think Maniac knows that I run this forum because he sent me a personal message telling me about Bnei Elim because I had contacted him when he was the head of "JDL" because I thought he was a "Kahanist authority". Now people won't make those mistakes because we have this forum.

For your information, the reason why Yekutiel's forum doesn't bash JTF anymore is because somehow, the current Revava adminstreators seized control of it. When Yekutiel gained back control, the people who are Revava administrators were removed from their posts on and after the infighting between the two forums, all the people who hate JTF left and now post only on Revava. Yekutiel himself never bashed JTF. Under the current rules of, any opinion is allowed and they don't allow slandering.

Regarding Revava LeHar HaBayit, HaIvri did a few broadcasts back then promote it. I think all his people were arrested at the Old City gates before they got to The Temple Mount. There were a few people who wanted to go up that heard about it including Arutz 7's Yishai Fleisher who had reported about it but HaIvri went about it in the wrong way because The Bolshevik Police were prepared in advance to stop people from arriving if they looked anything like a settler. I agree with you that it ended up being a bluff.

Would JTF have supported Kahane Chai in an election if Kahane Chai was legalized even if Marzel's Kach was not legalized?

Where do you buy Rav Kahane books from? What do you think of Rav Kahane's last book, Revolution or Referendum? I know you disagree with Yekutiel on this topic. What do you think of Yekutiel's renewed publication of Kahanist books as well as Darka Shel Torah (Instead of HaIvri) together with Voice of Judea? Do you ever watch Voice of Judea? Yekutiel said he would have yo on the show if you wanted to be on it. Nahum said the fact that they also had Mr. Ponytail of Bnei Elim on it doesn't mean anything because they don't necessarily agree with all the guests. They just want to make it an interesting show and proof of this is the fact that Yekutiel once had on a conspiracy theorist who was talking about Chamish's Rabin conspiracy, despite the fact that this guy (David Rutstein) admitted that he once spied on Yekutiel for The FBI when Yekutiel was running Kahane Chai in New York.

Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim,
Chief Administrator.

Christian Zionist:
Dear Chaim,

I am really exited to communicate with you who is a descendent of the Biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  I bet whenever you think about that you are really thrilled and very much proud of your relationship with the Biblical Saints.

This week I want to know about the real truth about the Septuagint.

Some scholars believe that it is the Greek translation of the entire Tanak but some scholars disagree that the Septuagint was a translation of only the Torah and the Neviim and Kethuvim were translated a few centuries later.  Which one is correct?

Also I read 72 Biblical scholars, 6 each from each of the 12 tribes spent 72 days and nights to translate from Hebrew to Greek in the city of Alexandria during the reign of Ptelomy Philadelphus in 286 B.C.  Some scholars say there were 70 Israel scholars involved in the translation without mentioning anything about the 12 tribes.  Again I want to know which statement is correct.

Next week I am planning to ask you about the Dead Sea Scrolls which is very close to the Septuangint textually than the traditional Masoretic text.

Thank you very much!

Christian Zionist

hello again!

With all due respect to you Chaim, there are people out there who portray you as a "racist" and of course you deny the fact that you are racist and instead you claim that you just don't like those who do evil deeds.  I agree with you on that point, however you should be proud and say " I am a racist, if the definition of racism according to many people is hating a particular group because of their evil doings, then I for one am a racist".   I believe people are stronger when they say things that go against popular opinion, such as people like Ann Coulter, Bill Maher, and believe it or not,  Michael Moore.

Here is a queston for you now,
You say that Jews should live in Israel, and not run for office in the U.S., so would it be safe to say that you would not vote a Jew in for president?  In fact, should Jews even vote in the U.S.?     

Dear Chaim, I was talking to a Jewish friend of mine from Georgia a gruzhini, about what is going on in Israel. He said that what he thought should be done is that Torah Law under the Sanhedrin should be declared Town by Town, Out post by Outpost, Hilltop by hilltop, City by City. If the Elites in Tel Aviv wish to live under the Supreme Court of Israel's rule and the rule of smolmert. Let them!!! But they should not force this rule on Torah True Jews. What do you think of my friend's idea?

As an aside what do you think of the nascent Sanhedrin? They seem right now to not display the cowardice that most rabbis today have of knowing the halachah and refusing to say it because people don't want to hear. Rav Kahane said ot best in one of his debates with alan dershowitz when told that most rabbi find his eviction plan repugnant to jewish law and values. He said "It hurts me because I hear when a Cheif Rabbi of Israel tells me, 'Yes you're right but we can't say it'   We can't say it? Of course we can say it." Waht do you think of the Sanhedrin so far? I have looked at their website alot and am very excited about the prospect of a real Sanhedrin for the first time in almost 1700 years. We are living in interesting times my friend.
                                                                                    Judea Non Capta

Dear Chaim,

What do you think of the lost Jews who are being discovered around the world. Theres an organization called shavei yisrael which assists lost Jews such as descendants of the Marranos in Spain and Latin America and others. Also do you think the so called Bnei Menashe of Indo-China are Israelites?


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