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Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« on: November 19, 2006, 07:48:02 PM »

Chag Hanukkah Sameach,

My questions are a continuatuion to the ones I asked a few weeks ago about healthy eating. I will ask the ones most relevant to today first.

Would you eat traditional dairy and oily foods on Hanukkah such as wine and salty cheese (For the story of Yehudit.) or latkes and sufganiyot?

Would you eat dairy for Shavuot?

If you ever ate anything dairy, would it have to be Chalav Yisrael?

Previously, you said you don't eat milk products. Did you eat it before you went to jail because you said they gave you cheese in jail and you ate it even though you don't eat cheese usually? The reason I ask this is because you said you only started eating healthy after you were released from jail. Was that cheese in jail Chalav Yisrael? Did they ever give you any meat in jail?

Would you eat duck or goose if you could afford it? In Israel they sell smoked goose coldcuts. It doesn't cost anymore than regular coldcuts. I haven't seen any kosher goose available at all in The United States.

Would you eat bison (Buffalo Meat) or venison (Deer Meat) if it was available and affordable?

Would you eat at a restaurant if there were no blacks working there? Would you eat food that a good black like Alan Keyes touched?

Are you against using margarine? Is it unhealthy?

Do you eat olives? The reason I ask is because they are 100% fat, which is why oil can be made from them.

Do you eat egg whites?

Do you eat eggs on Passover for the seder? Also, do you eat them other times on Passover because many Passover foods have eggs in them in place of bread products.

Do you check the ingredients of everything you eat to make sure it doesn't have dairy or eggs in it? Would you eat a food that is not eggs but has eggs as an ingredient? Would you eat something that is chalavi but milk is only an ingredient and not the main part such as a dairy bread or cake? I think you might not want a cake for different reasons because you would say it's junk food and therefore not healthy. Would you eat any cake at all?

Do you eat fish eggs (caviar)? Are they healthy? I agree with you on salmon. That is my favorite kind of fish and I eat it every Friday Night for kiddush. I also like steelhead trout which is similar to salmon in color (Unlike rainbow trout.). Steelehead trout is red while salmon is pink. The reddish and pinkish colors according to OU Radio Kosher Tidbits is proof of it being kosher in a non-kosher market while other fish there you can only buy if you see the scales. This is because many fish are marketed under brand names and have nothing to do with the Latin species name so there could be 2 fish called the same thing while one has Halachically kosher scales while the other one doesn't. But only kosher fish have the pinkish and reddish color to them. Do you buy kosher fish from a non-kosher market? I do. I only buy kosherly slaughtered meat either from a kosher market or kosherly sealed from a goy supermarket and I try to eat only kosher labeled dairy and pareve packaged foods in the house. Outside of the house, I only eat meat at kosher restaurants and at other places I buy vegetarian, either pareve or dairy.

Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim,
Chief Administrator.

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2006, 11:19:23 PM »
Chaim Shalom! Chag Sameach! I would like to ask your opinion on Manhigut Yehudit. I have been receiving some mail from them requesting that I join the "Likud" and support Moshe Feiglin. I'm against partcipating in anything that supports a corrupt party, especially one that led the charge to ban Rav Kahane HY"D and a non religious party to boot! Also, the note was signed by Shmuel Sackett, who I know was once a Kach supporter. I also know that you have had him on your show and you probably like him. I think he has sold out to Feiglin, who has horribly bashed Baruch Goldstein HY"D, is against a Halachic state and is certainly not a Kahanist. How can someone who is supposedly a Kahanist, support this guy? What is your take? He also won't publically call for throwing out the Arabs. Does political correctness overide the truth for the sake of politics? BTW someone saw me post this question and sent me a message saying that he saw him speak at the NY memorial for the Rav and insisits that he didn't sell out. I think he'll say many things to many crowds and is a chameleon.
B'Ahavat Yisrael
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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2006, 05:31:42 PM »
Shalom Chaim

Whatever happened to the 'peanut gallery' at your shows? I kind of enjoyed the cackling in the background.

Thanks as always

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #3 on: December 07, 2006, 06:01:53 PM »
chag samech chaim,
you constantly mention jewish people who have been in american politics and you say how evil they are. Has there even been one jewish american government officaial that hasnt been a traitor


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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2006, 05:20:07 AM »
Shalom Chaim! Once again Chag Sameach. I have never heard you mention Rav Binyamin Kahane HY"D. I know that you support Federman and Marzel, but surely you must have read some of the brilliant Torah commentaries by the Rav's son? His haggadah? You probabaly weren't a fan of Kahane Chai, but you must give him credit for trying to continue his father's work. He was persecuted and jailed also. His family suffered, but I never heard you make a plea to help them, like you do for Federman. Why? After he and his wife were murdered, did you ask the public to help the children who were orphaned? I hope that you consider these good questions?
Toda Raba, B'Ahavat Yisrael
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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #5 on: December 09, 2006, 09:44:56 PM »
Shalom Chaim,

When Ruah HaKodesh divinely inspired the writers of the Tanak they wrote the books in scrolls.  However when the scrolls started aging they subsequent generations of the Jewish scholars copied them over to new scrolls.  During that process some transmission errors occured like typo's, grammar mistakes and differences in numerical figures. Right now both Jewish and Christian scholars use the traditional Massoretic Hebrew texts to translate the Tanak.

The Dead Sea scrolls reveal interesting things.  The contents are remarkably closer to the Septuagint than to the traditional Massoretic text.  The Dead Sea Scrolls differ from Tanak that we read today in the following (some examples):

1. Joseph brags before Pharoh "Who would interpret the dream other than me" as opposed to the Joseph saying "Not me but God would interpret the dreams which is quoted as an example for humility by Jewish and Christian preachers.

2. 75 Jewish forefathers went to Egypt with Jacob instead of 70

3. Moses was buried by the Israelis (and not by God)

4. Goliath's height was only about 7 feet instead of 9 feet.

Therefore I think both Jews and Christian Bible translators should swallow their pride and translate the Tanak from the Dead Sea Scrolls.  There are countless sermons preached, commentaries written and songs composed base upon the traditional Massoretic text which has more scribal errors than the Dead Sea Scrolls.  What is your take on this?


Christian Zionist
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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #6 on: December 11, 2006, 12:41:34 AM »
Hello Chaim,

I wanted to bring this up a while back but had other questions in the past so it kept skipping my mind but now I decided to ask. Around the time when the Iranian Muslim Midget Nazi leader was visiting into the UN and that other piece of garbage Chavez a few months back they had on the TV news the Iranian  Mutant visiting these Black hat Jewish group I can't remember the name of this group sorry. But it was aired the Iranian animal sitting around these people who want to call themselves Rabbis and I personally was floored by this the Iranian that continue to claim there was never a Holocaust however he praises Hitler. And continue to threaten Israel and this group that calls themselves Jews in Manhattan if I remember were all smiling at him, shaking hands with him and I could not believe it as a Catholic man myself I couldn't.  Now I agree the Christians and Catholics are beginning to go down this crazy path where we continue to have people kissing behind to the most evil.  I mean we have Bush walking hand in hand with the Saudi Prince who is the top financial in the insurgents that are killing American young men and women in Iraq. Yes I saw that recently too. But to go back about these Rabbis I really did not know what to say or think when I saw tha it just blew my mind and shaking my head.  These same so called Rabbis are the same one that claim that Zionism is the root problem of Israel and the West including here in the United States.  Would you happen to know this group by chance I am sure better then me of course and what is your take on this?

Thank you very much

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #7 on: December 11, 2006, 08:23:22 AM »
Dear Chaim,
      I wanted to let you know that I am a videographer and sound engineer in training. I'd like to offer my services to Baruch Marzel after I make Aliyah and Id like to know if there is anything I can do for you before I make Aliyah, I'll be in America for about another year. I also wanted to say that whoever created your hebrew site did a excellent job, is whoever made the site a proffesional web designer? If he is maybe he can give Baruch Marzel a hand with the Hazit web site in particular.
      In the past I asked you about your writing a book about your experiences with the Rav. I remember you told me that book publishers refused you on the grounds you were too "controversial" i.e. you fought for a good cause. So have you ever considered writing the book yourself?
      Chaim, just last Tuesday Gennadiy Fabyeshenko, organized a event at Brooklyn College where he brought in a Proffesor, who is also a Kahanist, to speak to the students about the truth of the "Palestinians" and Eretz Yisrael, he brought in Kahanist literature and paraphenilia and a crew of guys. He had flyers put up and had told all the student unions what he was doing. When Gennadiy showed up the hall where the event was to take place was empty, because the local Hillel had torn down all his flyers and called all the student unions on the Monday before the event telling them the event had been cancelled. In the end twenty people showed up to the event. A few of those twenty even now want to be involved with Kahanist activity. My question is did you ever have to deal with similiar efforts to undercut your activities by left-wing Jews?
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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #8 on: December 11, 2006, 08:46:00 PM »
Dear Chaim:

On last week's ask JTF show, you mentioned that Jews are a religion, not a race, and I completely agree with you.  Yet I'm sure you know that there are plenty of moonbatty liberal Jews who vehemently insist that Jews are a race.  Now I know this is not true as there are three races -- Caucasians, Negroes and Orientals/Asians. (Yacov Menashe adds that Australoids are the fourth race which Australian Aborigines and dark skinned Asian Indians belong to.)  So I don't understand where these people are coming from.  Also, why do you think these people are so fixated on Jews being a race when they view race as completely irrelevant for other minorities? 

And also, anyone with even half a brain can see that there are blond haired blue eyed Jews, red haired Jews, and dark haired, olive skinned Jews, etc.  So how would you respond to these people?  (Yacov Menashe adds that any Caucasian can have those features. Caucasian is the only race that has a variation in features. Real diversity is the variation of whites. Not the so-called diversity of today.) 



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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #9 on: December 11, 2006, 08:47:46 PM »
Hi Chaim,

Thanks for answering my question last week.

G-d Willing when I go to Yeshiva in the future which one do you recommend for me as you already know I only align myself with Kahanists and Kahanist views. I know that many of the Yeshivas in Jerusalem are right wing pro-kahanist, but which can you recommend for me.

Toda Achi

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #10 on: December 12, 2006, 08:23:11 AM »
-First of all the MP3’s and the Windows Media Format files are brilliant – thank you.
-Secondly, Happy Chanukah – hoping you will not be eating too many Sufganiot, Bundashkanyah or Latkes!

-On to last week’s show: You are right!!! Stamford Hill is in Hackney – you are very knowledgeable about London.     You answered my question last week very well, Thank you. Hello Chaim, I wonder how to put this to you. I will try my best.

-My question this week: In the past we have seen leaders, politicians, activists assassinated /killed for speaking out or being controversial. I am referring in main part to the Late Rabbi Meir David Kahane, may G-d avenge his blood and also – not on the same scale, Tourism Minister [T’kuma] Rechavam [Ghandi] Ze’evi, several years ago. More topical is the killing in Lebanon of Minister Pierre Gemal.

Also murdered were, Lehavidil, John F. Kennedy, and Ghandi in India and Martin Luther King in the U.S. My question is how, besides Hishtadlut, can we protect heroic and good individuals - and not deter them because of the vulnerability these people face from Arab Muslim Nazi fascists. We see nasty, evil pieces of scum, like George Galloway, Saddam Hussein, Jesse Jackson, Fidel Castro, Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barach, Shimon Paresite, Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid, Jack Straw MP, Tony Benn MP, Michael Jackson, Yasser Arab-fat, Stalin, Marx, Lenin, Pervez Musharaf, Mahmoud Adolfinijad, Abdel Nasser, Yitzchak Rabin, Hitler y”svz, Assad in Syria and British Deputy Prime Minister [late 60s] John Prescott - a fat and thick pig!!!

The list is endless –– they live long and escape all assassination attempts, Cuba’s Castro has survived more than 600 in nearly then 50 years!!!
Overall, the evil ones survive assassination attempts; whilst the majority of the good people are assassinated ‘successfully’.

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #11 on: December 12, 2006, 11:05:59 PM »
Shalom Chaim kol tuv,

It's been quite a while since I've last posted, hopefully you remember me! I've been very busy and had little time to come on the site at all.. but I'm in a bit of a problem, and I feel that you can be of great assistance.

I've mentioned before that I've wanted to join the military (Air Force), and you did say it was better if I didn't, and I do agree.. but I want to become a senator (maybe more), and I do feel if I work in intelligence as a Farsi and/or Arabic interpreter, I can eventually join the CIA, gain experiance with heads of state in that field, and eventually run for office. Now even though I've said that in one sentence, obviously it will be a long road, but I feel it's the road I should take for my ultimate goal. My father on the other hand, who runs a successful company and would like me to take over and work with my brother, dreads the day that I join the military and thinks it's a waist of time. He just puts his head down and says "Do what you feel will make you happy", but I can hear the nervousness in his voice thinking that I'm throwing my life away. This military beginning will not make me tons of money, but in the end, I will end up fighting for my country in a big way, but I guess he doesn't understand that. I want to do this, but I feel I'm breaking my father's heart, and I really don't know how to approach this.
What do you think about my situation? You're a brave man, what would you say or do if you were in my shoes?

p.s I don't mean to put any pressure on you, I just admire your intellect and courage.. so it's only natural for me to want your opinion.

Toda raba
ve chag Hanukkah Sameach!


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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #12 on: December 13, 2006, 01:27:03 PM »
Dear Chaim,

Are you a Yankees fan or a Mets fan? If not now have you ever been one being that you are a native NYer? I'm from Queens but grew up a Yankees fan.

During the holidays of Succoth, can the Ushpizin be Gentiles or only Jews?

Another question I wanted to ask is how much truth would you say is contained in the news stories and other media regarding Israel's "Mistreatment" of the so called "Palestinians?" The view you paint for me every week is that of a weak Israeli government too afraid of the international community to do what it needs to to survive. Everywhere else, including other alternative media with an Anti-New World Order and Anti-Globalist and Pro-American spin, Israel is portrayed is being this huge bully towards non Jews. I find alot of alternative media speaking out against the New World Order also speaking out against Zionism. It's a very confusing world to say the least.

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #13 on: December 13, 2006, 05:35:35 PM »
Here are some questions on Judaism:

These might be stupid questions, but Is there a definite answer as to why we only eat animals who chew their cud and have split hooves and why we only eat fish with with fins and scales or is  the  only answer  "GOD told us to"?

Next question is why should we pray from a siddur which is written by people  and not from our own heart?  Wouldn't praying be more meaningful if it come from within and not from a siddur?

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #14 on: December 13, 2006, 10:42:56 PM »
Dear Chaim,

Hope the week finds you well as always.  Happy Hanukkah to you and yours.  I also was curious as to the exact date of your birthday.  I remember you mentioning that you have your 50th coming up soon and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday at the appropriate time, along with many more until 120. 

This week, before I forget once again, I wanted to also thank David Ben Moshe for his contributions to the "Take Back America" show.  I'm sure I speak for all forum members when I say that he does a great job with the program and acts as a great counterpart to you on the broadcasts.  We appreciate everything he does for the movement and would love to see him drop by the forum if he ever has the chance.

A couple of quick questions for the week.  What do you think about the commercialization of Hanukkah?  I'm sure you'll do a great job on the Hannukah show (dedicated to Tzvi) explaining the beautiful religious merits of the holiday.  However, many secular Jews seem to justify the holiday as an extended party without paying attention to the true message. [Yacov Menaseh adds that this is because the politically correct morons try to compare it to Christmas as part of the "holiday season".]  In fact this week I even heard black Hanukkah "raps" played on the radio.  It's truly a disgrace.

This week I was also wondering if you could expand a little bit on your healthy diet and exercise habits.  Maybe you could give a sample of what you eat in a typical day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, how you space it out, and how you incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  I'm happy to report I have lost nearly 30 lbs. since you started the Q and A segment by following some of your healthy advice and hitting the gym in the evenings whenever I have a chance.  I'm almost at my goal weight, but I would like to keep it going and would greatly appreciate the advice.

Finally, in closing, I would like to point out the despicable Holocaust denial conference that went on in Iran this week.  It seemed to even generate some mainstream news coverage on channels like CNN, adding a sense of legitimacy to such a horror.  I believe the smelly, urine colored midget, Achmoud Achwaldinajaheb, or whatever the hell his name is, and Iran need to be dealt with as soon as possible.  They have openly threatened Israel and the right to a Jewish state on several occasions.  Obviously they need to be eliminated and Israel has to take the initial action before it is too late.  Any suggestions?

Again, thanks very much, Chaim.  Until next week.  All the best.

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #15 on: December 13, 2006, 11:15:36 PM »
Dear Chaim, please allow me to now throw my hat in the ring on the question of demons and reincarnation.

I keep every one of your shows and can play it back to you that when first asked about this, you claimed that Rashi, Rambam, Ramban and Saadia Gaon took the position that all of the dozens of places in the Gemara where it mentions Demons were all "allegorical". Later on you claim that Ramban actually took the position that there are Demons and gilgul neshamos.

The positions of both the Rambam and Rav Saadia Gaon are well known but your claim that that Rashi felt these demon references were "allegorical" has no basis whatsoever.

I have learned quite a bit of Gemara in my life and in all of these places where demons are mentioned, I have yet to hear Rashi say a word about these references' "allegorical" nature. He says no such thing.

Besides, your clinging to the EXTREMELY controversial philosophical teachings of the Rambam, and the claim that those who disagree are not practicing traditional Judaism is outrageous.

The Mishna in Sanhedrin  says: Rabbi Akiva says, " Those who read outside books, have no share in the world to come".

Rabbi Ovadia Bartenura, the greatest commentator on the Mishna says: This refers to Greek books like the works of Aristotle.

The Rambam claimed that Aristotle had reached the highest level that a human can reach before acheiving prophecy.

He learned the works of Aristotle through and through and it is for this reason that his philosophy book is not studied in almost any yeshiva, Charedi  or Dati Leumi. It is for his dabbling in the sefarim chitzonim that he was so controversial in his life and his books were burned for this cheshash of losing one's chelek leolam haba.

 Of those that I have met who have studied it , I have not seen one of them who has increased faith in G-d. Not one, they walk around with only faith in their own chochma, not in G-d.

As far as Rav Saadia Gaon, The period of the Gaonim saw many on the Biggest Rabbis dabbling in non-Torah sources. Rav Hai Gaon was famous for quoting the Koran and Hadith to prove a talmudic point.

Do you beleive he was right for doing that?  Remember, he didn't beleive in reincarnation and shdim.

You continually blast Chasidim and claim that they introduced non jewish ideas into Judaism while ignoring the Rambam's attempt to fuse Aristotle and the Torah.

Also, your open support for mitnagdim of the 18th century is disturbing. These mitnagdim were mosrim. They ratted on their fellow jews, the chasidim, and sent many to die in prison. How can you be proud of this atrocious record?

Anyway, I written enough for one week. I have written forcefully and I expect you to respond in kind. Can't wait to hear your answer.
                                                                              Judea non capta
Post questions here for the ASK JUDEA TORAH SHOW

my blog: Yehudi-Nation

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #16 on: December 14, 2006, 08:43:51 PM »
   Question for Chaim:
   I always like when you have cohosts on your shows because it makes the shows more entertaining. I also enjoy when you teach me more about the torah in addition to politics. Ever since hearing Rabbi Algazi's speach in DC I attend his services whenever I'm in New York, because I find his sermons to be very impressive. Would you ever consider inviting someone such as him onto a show focused on more religious content than usual. I know a lot of good Rabbis don't want to be controversal, but this would be a chance for them to get new members for their congregations and also a chance to get new supporters of JTF since members of the congregations would want to see their Rabbis on television.

   Something to show to David:
   It is one thing that the government no longer backs their currency by gold. Turns out they also do not want people to melt their coins down because the metal has more value than the currency is worth.
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Does it bother you that you have to face the dome and the rock to say the sh'ma?


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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #17 on: December 14, 2006, 09:52:20 PM »
I was wondering what you thought of  Clarence Thomas? He was the only one of the 9 supreme court justices who voted in a recent supreme court case to make it harder for drug criminals to remain in this country illegally. All the other 8 voted in favor of the illegal alliens. Him and the late Scalia were the only conservative in my opinion in the judiciary and the 2 Bush Elections don't sound too great either Alito and Roberts. Roberts has a history of being a phony conservaitve and Alito may be somewhat conservative but not as conservative as past conservative justices. I was reading in a Mona Charen book about how THomas was treated when he was nominated and how the liberal blacks acted like he wasn't even black and said comments similar to he really is a white who looks black. Some black women also tried to claim that he sexually harrassed women to which thankfully that got no where as witnesses came forward to say he was a gentlemen.

So, anyway what is your opinion on Clarence Thomas?


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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #18 on: December 15, 2006, 06:12:57 PM »
Chaim Shalom,
It's been a long time since I posted a question in english,
since I've been so busy with all the changes we're making in the hebrew site and forum,
my question follows a thread by yackov menashe ben rachamim,
that asks if it would be possible to upload the first ever JTF show (hopfully in video),
and other shows which you had a woman play leah rabin and as I hear, it's quite humorous.

so as for now I wasn't able to see if this question was asked before or answered,
but please tell us if it would be possible to view shows from the very start.

also, do you try to convince yackov and other jews in JTF to make alia?
do they listen to you, if not how come?

thank you and CHAG SAMEACH to you and all of JTFers around the globe,
one day we shall all be like the mighty MAKABIM BEA"H.

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
« Reply #19 on: December 15, 2006, 10:35:13 PM »
Shalom Chaim and Chag Hanukkah Sameach. I also would like to thank you as always for your hardwork and answering my question.

While I do not believe Barak Hussein Obama will win the Democrat nomination because of Hillary Clinton the fact he is so popular now it shows how gullible so many Americans are, but especially Jews. When Obama spoke to a crowd of gullible elderly Jews he won them over by saying his name Barak in Arabic means the same as Baruch in Hebrew, which is the blessed. (Of course Barak in Hebrew actually means lightning). The point I am getting at is why are Jews so desperate to be pandered to by the likes of Obama? Some argue it is their victim mentality to feel inferior, but then why are racial minorities likes Blacks so proud and strong after decades of slavery and segregation?
It seems there must be something else to explain the mentality of Jews, but I just cannot figure it out myself.
What are you thoughts on this?
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“You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes”- Maimonides

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
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With the recent death of a Augusto Pinochet, Nothing was mentioned about his relations with Chile's Jew & Israel. Any info available ?

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
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He saved his country from Marxism and was the anti-Che Guevera, yemach shemo. This is probably why self-hating Jewish leftists in academia hated him so much. They always point out his 'human rights abuses' but they fail to do this to any Islamic or left-wing dictatorship.

I would go out on a limb and say Israel maintained a relationship with Chile, as Israel had relations with so-called 'pariah' states like Uganda and South Africa.


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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
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Hi chaim you have said many times before that when the kahanists take power in Israel, Torah law will be the law of the state. I know that in the past jews were put to death by the bes din if they were warned and still violated the shabbos. In kahanist Israel will jews be put to death for violating the shabbos? I do not mean to be sarcastic at all and i hope you are not offended by my question. Also what is your opinion of the recent boycott of ElAl airlines by mainly the chasiddim due to their flying on shabbos. I don't support this crazy boycott at all. ElAL has provided the highest level of security and safety for so many years and plus they only fly israeli air force pilots. I think these people are ungrateful and ignore all the good this airline has done. Also chaim, I just went to the forum and i saw them bashing you and jtf. I could not believe how crazy these jews are. They were saying that you are what got the kahanist movement banned. This is proof that they are just a bunch of loosers because i saw alot of the videos of Rabbi Kahane speaking and his opinions were exactly like yours. In the middle of the discussion after they had already bashed and defamed you, Yekutiel chimed in and told them to stop because you are a jew that has sacrificed his life for his fellow jews. These people agaravate me even more than a kike like Allan Colmes does.

 Thank you so much for all your self sacrifice and I can't wait to listen to your new shows everyweek. Toda Achi
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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
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Hello Chaim, and good day to you.

You've often spoken out against certain bias media outlets like the New York (Nazi) Times, CNN, and certain Israeli papers.    It’s a difficult decision for a good Jew or righteous Gentile to decide where he/she should get their world news.   Obviously nothing will be perfect, but I believe the lesser of evils principle applies here. 

So I have a two part question 1) How do you get your news?  2) Can you recommend one or two American sources, and one or two Israeli sources of media (English or Hebrew) where we might get a more honest reporting of what's actually going on in the world.     Obviously The New York Times, and Ha'aretz go out of the window.

P.S. Thanks to you Chaim, as far back as high school I took it upon myself to buy my father a subscription to the Wall Street Journal so he would stop purchasing the Sunday New York Times.   He thanked me for it, and hasn't bought that rag since. 
Psalm 53:2 "The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no G-D.'"

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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
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It's actually shabbat not shabbos. With a tav at the end. The same rule applies to "bes".

Good evening Chaim,

Why have you discontinued using the phrase "get your pens and papers out, always have a pen and paper ready for these shows because we give you facts and information on these shows that you're going to want to jot down, life and death information..." at the beginning of the shows?

Now more than ever all of our lives are on the line. I feel your speedy delivery, which provided that sense of urgency, has been downplayed.

Also, what is your opinion on Sharpton's march for that black thug?