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Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.

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Chag Hanukkah Sameach,

My questions are a continuatuion to the ones I asked a few weeks ago about healthy eating. I will ask the ones most relevant to today first.

Would you eat traditional dairy and oily foods on Hanukkah such as wine and salty cheese (For the story of Yehudit.) or latkes and sufganiyot?

Would you eat dairy for Shavuot?

If you ever ate anything dairy, would it have to be Chalav Yisrael?

Previously, you said you don't eat milk products. Did you eat it before you went to jail because you said they gave you cheese in jail and you ate it even though you don't eat cheese usually? The reason I ask this is because you said you only started eating healthy after you were released from jail. Was that cheese in jail Chalav Yisrael? Did they ever give you any meat in jail?

Would you eat duck or goose if you could afford it? In Israel they sell smoked goose coldcuts. It doesn't cost anymore than regular coldcuts. I haven't seen any kosher goose available at all in The United States.

Would you eat bison (Buffalo Meat) or venison (Deer Meat) if it was available and affordable?

Would you eat at a restaurant if there were no blacks working there? Would you eat food that a good black like Alan Keyes touched?

Are you against using margarine? Is it unhealthy?

Do you eat olives? The reason I ask is because they are 100% fat, which is why oil can be made from them.

Do you eat egg whites?

Do you eat eggs on Passover for the seder? Also, do you eat them other times on Passover because many Passover foods have eggs in them in place of bread products.

Do you check the ingredients of everything you eat to make sure it doesn't have dairy or eggs in it? Would you eat a food that is not eggs but has eggs as an ingredient? Would you eat something that is chalavi but milk is only an ingredient and not the main part such as a dairy bread or cake? I think you might not want a cake for different reasons because you would say it's junk food and therefore not healthy. Would you eat any cake at all?

Do you eat fish eggs (caviar)? Are they healthy? I agree with you on salmon. That is my favorite kind of fish and I eat it every Friday Night for kiddush. I also like steelhead trout which is similar to salmon in color (Unlike rainbow trout.). Steelehead trout is red while salmon is pink. The reddish and pinkish colors according to OU Radio Kosher Tidbits is proof of it being kosher in a non-kosher market while other fish there you can only buy if you see the scales. This is because many fish are marketed under brand names and have nothing to do with the Latin species name so there could be 2 fish called the same thing while one has Halachically kosher scales while the other one doesn't. But only kosher fish have the pinkish and reddish color to them. Do you buy kosher fish from a non-kosher market? I do. I only buy kosherly slaughtered meat either from a kosher market or kosherly sealed from a goy supermarket and I try to eat only kosher labeled dairy and pareve packaged foods in the house. Outside of the house, I only eat meat at kosher restaurants and at other places I buy vegetarian, either pareve or dairy.

Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim,
Chief Administrator.

Chaim Shalom! Chag Sameach! I would like to ask your opinion on Manhigut Yehudit. I have been receiving some mail from them requesting that I join the "Likud" and support Moshe Feiglin. I'm against partcipating in anything that supports a corrupt party, especially one that led the charge to ban Rav Kahane HY"D and a non religious party to boot! Also, the note was signed by Shmuel Sackett, who I know was once a Kach supporter. I also know that you have had him on your show and you probably like him. I think he has sold out to Feiglin, who has horribly bashed Baruch Goldstein HY"D, is against a Halachic state and is certainly not a Kahanist. How can someone who is supposedly a Kahanist, support this guy? What is your take? He also won't publically call for throwing out the Arabs. Does political correctness overide the truth for the sake of politics? BTW someone saw me post this question and sent me a message saying that he saw him speak at the NY memorial for the Rav and insisits that he didn't sell out. I think he'll say many things to many crowds and is a chameleon.
B'Ahavat Yisrael

Shalom Chaim

Whatever happened to the 'peanut gallery' at your shows? I kind of enjoyed the cackling in the background.

Thanks as always

chag samech chaim,
you constantly mention jewish people who have been in american politics and you say how evil they are. Has there even been one jewish american government officaial that hasnt been a traitor

Shalom Chaim! Once again Chag Sameach. I have never heard you mention Rav Binyamin Kahane HY"D. I know that you support Federman and Marzel, but surely you must have read some of the brilliant Torah commentaries by the Rav's son? His haggadah? You probabaly weren't a fan of Kahane Chai, but you must give him credit for trying to continue his father's work. He was persecuted and jailed also. His family suffered, but I never heard you make a plea to help them, like you do for Federman. Why? After he and his wife were murdered, did you ask the public to help the children who were orphaned? I hope that you consider these good questions?
Toda Raba, B'Ahavat Yisrael


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