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Re: Ask JTF For Yom Sheni Shel Hanukkah, Sunday, December 17.
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These are questions from Yacov:

I heard that the reason Kushim are dark is because Canaan was concieved in the dark on The Ark during The Flood when they weren't supposed to be having sex.

I know that you say that Ethiopian goyim today have white facial features but black skin becaues of mixing. But why did it happen that way while with Arabs it is the opposite? Arabs have white skin but black facial features.

Do you believe that Ethiopian Jews are Bnei Dan? Do you believe that The Bnei Menashe from India are really Bnei Menashe? The reason I ask is that in order for lost Jews to come back to The Jewish People they have to convert and because you said that The Lost Tribes will not return to The Jewish People, but only that the ancient Ten Tribes will be resurrected when we will have Techiyat HaMeitim. Why didn't Ethiopians have to while The Bnei Menashe did? Also, how did the Bnei Menashe Jews from India get to have Oriental eyes? Did they evolve to get those features or was there mixing? Were they raped?

How do you think Ethiopian Jews remained Jewish if they are from The Lost Tribe of Dan? What do you believe is the true origin of Ethiopian Jewry? Some people say they are converts while others say that all Ethiopians, both Jews and goyim allegedly descdended from King Solomon and The Queen of Sheba (Who by the way were both white.), which borders on the "we da original Hebros" excrement that blacks say when they say everyone was black. What is your opinon on this and the former Emperor of Ethiopia claiming to be the "Lion of Judah"? He was an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian who prayed to Jesus but beacuse he claimed to be a Jew, the Restafarian black Nazis worship him becasue they think he was the reincarnation of Jesus.

What do you think about all these black Africans that have some Jewish customs and claim to be lost Jews? There is these Lemba in Southern Africa and The Igbo in Nigeria. I brought up the subject of The Igbo in The Affirmative Action People Crisis Section after reading about it on The Revava Forum. I wrote on The Revava Forum that they are no better than The Black Hebrews so they said I have been listening to you for too long.

Also, the Africa series says that Ethiopia was originally all white. Why then does Kushi (From Kush, the name of Ancient Ethiopia.) today mean Negro, the racial name in Hebrew for all racial blacks? I say racial blacks because Ethiopian Jews are Caucasian blacks with black skin. I have observed the same Caucasian facial features in Ethiopian goyim too. Ethiopians don't have the traditional large African noses and lips and don't have the bushy hair.

I believe that Kush was white and then his descendants mixed with the Pre-Adamic and Pre-Noahide hominids in Africa because I mix Creation with Science. Adam was the first human with a soul. He was white and was created at the time of the beginning of white civilization in Mesopotamia. In the meantime, the black primitives were still hominids until they were made spiritually Bnei Adam by Adam's creation. Adam's creation is what gave all the former hominids free will and the ability to choose between good and evil. That is why we believe it is black culture that is the problem and not their race. Race stopped being an issue in determining intelligence when Adam was created.

How do you reconcile Creation with Science?

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