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The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South by Clint Johnson
« on: December 10, 2006, 12:47:23 AM »
I'm sure Chaim and others (it sounds good) will like this book that is coming out soon. Being a member of the conservative book club they are given the chance to get this when it is first released. Here are some the highlight from the review. I am rereading all the points posted here and some I know already (like the real reason for the civil war and the end result of it which was more power for the federal government) but it sounds like a great book.

What the liberal media don’t want you to know – and what they get plain wrong about the South and its history
PLUS: Why you’d probably be happier living there – if you’re not already

If there’s anything the liberal media loves to hate, it’s the South. And thanks largely to them, today almost every reminder of Southern history and heritage is under attack: battle flags, soldier statues, even songs such as “Dixie.” Now, in The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South, Clint Johnson fights back against this media-led “hate the South” campaign. He reveals that, far from being the backwater of prejudice and hate that liberals would have you believe, the South has always been the center of American culture. Indeed, Johnson shows, from the Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and many others) to the frontiersmen who tamed the West to the Country Music, NASCAR, Bible-thumping heart of “Red State” America, the South is the quintessence of what’s original, unique, and most-loved about American culture. And with its emphasis on traditional values, family, faith, military service, good manners, small government, and independent-minded people, the South is just plain more livable than the North – which is one reason why millions of Yankees, white and black, have been moving down there in droves.
“This won’t be a selective history,” writes Johnson, a native Southerner and author of countless books and articles on Southern history and culture. “No defenses will be offered for slavery, segregation, or racial discrimination -- but it will give the other side of the story too. … The South is all about memory, heritage, and pride of place. I refuse to go along with the expunging of that memory, heritage, and pride, and I hope the readers of this book, Northern and Southern, will rise up and join me in protesting those who are trying to do it.”
Think you know the South and Southern history?

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South gives you the facts behind scores of revelations like these:

The first of the 13 colonies to formally legalize slavery? (Hint: it’s not in the South)

How Georgia banned slaves - and lawyers - in its founding charter

Why the South is more important to the American Founding than the North

Throw away those history textbooks: How the South, not the North, started –and won -- the American Revolution

How Southerners led the way in drafting the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights

Why Northerners – not Southerners – wanted slaves to be counted as property instead of people in the Constitution

Peculiar fact about the wealthy slaveholder whose court cases helped legalize slavery in Virginia: he was black

How Virginia militiamen created the American Midwest

Why Northern states threatened secession long before the Confederacy – and why they considered it Constitutional

How the expansion of the U.S. across the continent from 183-1850 – which gave us the term “Manifest Destiny” – was largely a Southern achievement

Lewis & Clark? Southerners, of course

The first two Jewish members of the U.S. Senate? Yep, you guessed it

How Southerners outnumbered Northerners almost four to one among the heroes of the Alamo

Why slavery, which spread across all thirteen colonies, was far crueler in the North than the South

How the Northern colonies grew rich on slave trading – and revived slavery in the South just before it collapsed

New York City’s largest industry in 1860? The outfitting of slave ships

The site of a mass grave for slaves who were literally worked to death? Hint: it’s not in the South

Why economics – not slavery – was the driving force behind the War Between the States

How Lincoln twice refused -- or actually revoked -- orders for emancipating slaves

How Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation left more than 800,000 slaves in bondage in states aligned with or occupied by the Union

Black heroes of the Confederacy – and other great Southern blacks you won’t hear about during Black History Month

How the more civilized Southern way of war contributed to its defeat – in contrast to the North’s brutal “total war” against civilians and property

How the Northern victory dealt a death blow to states’ rights – leading eventually to today’s all-powerful federal government

Why “Reconstruction” is the most misnamed period in American history

Why segregation, which didn’t exist in the antebellum South, was a legacy of Northern-imposed “Reconstruction”

How virtually all of America’s highest-ranking World War II generals had Confederate roots

How Southerners won World War II in the Pacific theater

How the South was making movies when Hollywood was nowhere

Why race relations in today’s South are much better than in the North – or anywhere else in America

What Yankees reporters don’t understand about the South

Why faith and family come first in the South

Why the South is naturally conservative (and the North is naturally liberal)

Why limited government and low tax rates are a Southern tradition

Why Northerners – white and black -- keep moving South

Statistics show Southerners are happier than people in other regions – Clint Johnson shows you why

It’s a fact: Southern women dominate beauty pageants, and Southern men dominate in sports

Why blacks have been moving back to the South in droves

How American jazz, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll (when it was still music) all came from the South

Why blacks hold more – and more powerful – political offices in the South than in the North

Why Southern industry is booming, while the North’s is going bust

The second war against the South -- the campaign to erase memory and history – and how it serves liberal interests

Why Southerners are overrepresented in the military – and no, it’s not poverty

The best American literature? Southern, of course – and our high school and college reading lists confirm it

10 Things Southerners Don’t Understand About the North (#1: Why isn’t Ted Kennedy in prison?)

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Re: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South by Clint Johnson
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2006, 01:15:36 AM »
I'm getting that book as soon as it becomes available.

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For our children yet may be:
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As our fathers trusted humbly,
Teach us, Lord, to trust Thee still:
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Re: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South by Clint Johnson
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2006, 01:30:56 AM »
Why race relations in today’s South are much better than in the North – or anywhere else in America

Apparently miscegenation is much more common in the South.

Lots and lots of low-rent women there are going with black guys, and giving birth to their illegitimate off-spring.

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Re: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South by Clint Johnson
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2006, 02:17:26 AM »
MassuhDGoodName is also a native Southerner, and he assures you that the South is indeed the greatest place on Earth.  We almost won the War of Northern Aggression; just check your history books and you'll see that for three years we nearly defeated the Union Army.  If America had just one leader of the character of General Robert E. Lee, we would have no problems unsolved.  He is the only General in American history to have rode on horseback into the midst of his infantrymen and begged them to forgive him for losing the Battle Of Gettysburg.  Of course, the soldiers of the Confederacy could not accept the possibility of wrongdoing on his part; it was they who asked him to forgive their losing the war.
I was raised up in great part by my black Nanny whose name was Carrie.  Her memory remains dear to me always; she was a truly Godly woman of highest moral fibre.  She taught me many things, bathed me, carried me, dressed me, fed me, read to me, told me stories handed down from her people.  She was in fact a member of our family, often staying over in our house.  Make no mistake; the greatest men and women of the Southland were all raised up by black Nannies, who tought Godly ways to children and loved the white babies equally as their own children.
The entire world should today send their children on exchange programs to the South to learn proper deportment and manners.  Just think:  If all Israelis had manners and excercised courtesy to one another.
Prior to the Civil War, prerequisites for simply applying to admission to the University Of Alabama were a  proficiency in Greek and Latin as well as a thorough knowledge of Greek and Roman classical works.
I'll stop here; hoping to have offered a glimpse into a world long gone, but hopefully not forever.

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Re: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South by Clint Johnson
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2006, 02:49:29 AM »
Boy people don't joke when they say  Southerners are still fighting the Civil War. In all actuality I have a warm spot in my hart for the old south. The South that existed in the late 1800s and early half of the 1900s it seemed like it was  a place of class and charm. I really have no use of the south before the civil war because of slavery. Its not that I am fond of blacks it just that I would like to see them back in Africa where they claim they wanted to stay. The South today is a mess blacks whites and every form of beast all cavorting together to the point where  its sickening. What the h_ll happened? I really don't care to think about anything that would prevent America from being one country and if the South won the civil war we would not be America. This on top of the fact that the great industrial might of America comes  from the northern states. America is great because of all the states together the industrialized north and the more agricultural south which is today becoming more industrialized due to lower pay scales attracting companies to relocate. If the south was able to fend of the north it would have only managed to salvage the confederate states the north would have still been the USA. Dosen't sound good to me but then again I am a New Yorker.
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Re: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South by Clint Johnson
« Reply #5 on: December 10, 2006, 05:18:36 PM »
Re:  "...I really have no use of the south before the civil war because of slavery..."

The North prior to the War also practiced slavery.

May northern blacks were also slaveowners.

Research the subject and read about it.

Question: What was President Ulysses S. Grant's first order given after assuming the Presidency?
Answer:  He ordered all Jews to be immediately thrown out of the U.S. State Department.

Question:  Who was Judah Benjamin?
Answer:  Attorney General of the Confederate States Of America