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the synagouge calls itself one, i didnt realize there was such a difference in terms, i simply called it a temple because thats what friends and family call it. sorry for the confusion i attend The  Jewish Orthodox Synagouge of my town 

i have decided to go to my orthodox rabbi and truly convert to
Judaism, thank you all for your support ( this is perhaps the easy part since hebrew was so hard to master lol)


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--- Quote from: Zionistforever on August 23, 2008, 11:43:48 PM ---my mother is not jewish however i attend temple, i am a orthodox jew, i have learned hebrew, i make a patronage to the western wall every year. i keep kosher, and go out in traditional garb, does this mean i am not jewish ? i didnt convert but both of my parents agreed on raising us (my family) jewish. if i am not technicaly a jew ( very hard to say) then i will go with the jtf singles section for gentiles.

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Orthodox Jews don't go to Temple but Synagogue or Shule.  There is only one Temple and that is in Jerusalem as you know but these dumb dumb deformed "Jews" cannot even get that correct in their manipulation and contortion of Judaism. 

Under Halacha, you are not a Jew because your mother is not Jewish.  But since you live an Othodox or semi-Othodox lifestyle, what is stopping you from speaking to your Rabbi at the Synagogue you attend from formally embracing the yoke of Heaven: Gaar (convert)? 

I'm sure your Orthodox Rabbi will assist you in your efforts and we all here will support your decision and too your efforts.  Mazzel tov chavar!! ;)

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oh and thanks for the blessing =]

You are most welcome.  I'm sure it will be an easy transformation/conversion if you are already embracing the Torah.  The rest is simply formalities of Halacha.  The Talmud says that when a Jew "returns" or when there is a conversion the engire Nation of Israel celebrates....  conversely when there is a Jew who becomes a "Jew" and leaves the fould...the entire Nation of Israel is in mourning... 

So, the day you attain your "kosherness"...LOL  We'll all have a l'Chaim in your name.  Mazzel tov achi... ;)


--- Quote from: MarZutra on August 24, 2008, 11:35:29 PM ---So, the day you attain your "kosherness"...LOL  We'll all have a l'Chaim in your name.  Mazzel tov achi... ;)

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cheers, O0 when i am officialy converted. lol


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