Author Topic: "This weekend will be the last one before Kosovo declares independence," -Thaci  (Read 2094 times)

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I'm actually sick and tired of them going "We will declare, we will declare" get it over with so that we don't join the EU and that Seselj can get out of Hague. Then we can get it back.


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Well we lost Kosovo officially in 1999.

Because in 1999 foreign forces entered Kosovo and the authorities of the Republic of Serbia lost their control in Kosovo.

From that moment we did not have anything to say in Kosovo anymore.

We knew very good what the meaning is of the presence of NATO troops on Kosovo. It is an occupation. As long as NATO is strong and powerful like today we can not do anything about it.


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I do not expect anything of the today's government of Serbia.
They did not change at all.

The today's regime is probably no it's surely worse than Milosevic's.
They have not changed at all.

They are just more traderous than during the nineties.
They completely ignore the fact that whole Republic of Serbian Krajina is under occupation. RSK, which was an ethnic, national and historical Serbian land.
Even the Yugoslav constitution guaranteed the right of the Serbs in Croatia.
If they don’t have even courage to say anything against the occupation of RSK among all arguments and facts who are around them, then it’s just to sad.