Author Topic: NEW AUDIO: “Ask Yesha” 9 Nov. show ready - & NEW: Ask Yesha, 23 Nov./25 Cheshvan  (Read 3780 times)

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Thanks to you all for your questions.

The latest show, episode #13 – 9 November can be heard by going to any one of these websites and following the link:

Time: 23mins; 10.5MB

The next show, No. 14 – will G-d willing be on 23 Nov./25 Cheshvan.

NEW: Ask Yesha #14, 23 Nov./25 Cheshvan
Please post your great questions and comments here and I look forward to addressing them on Sunday 23 Nov./25 Cheshvan.

The show will be put up, G-d willing on Monday.

Everyone is welcome to ask on any topic, though on Torah I’m not that qualified to answer - for that go to Judeanoncapta and his gr8 Torah show (!

 Thank you,

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Greetings Yesha. What's your opinion of Queen Victoria and the Victorian Era in England? Most history books tend to paint a rosy picture of that time in history and some people claim to have very old turtles that were alive in that era.
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Shalom Yesha

Good to see you've resumed your biweekly show, I must have missed a couple of your shows.

Do you think Scotland might chose to secede from the UK, would it be allowed to do so ?

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Shalom Ze'ev,

What are views on Governor Sarah Palin?

Thank You for your kind words

G-d Bless,

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