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Syrian Escapee Wafa Sultan Lets Muslim Have It In The Face ! ! ! ! ! !

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El Cabong!:
Wafa Sultan, a woman, who escaped from Syria and is living in the US now, debates two muslim men and sets them straight and beats both their uneducated butts into the sand. You have got to watch this woman in action, she really knows what she's talking about and tells the truth about muslims, Christians and Jews.


Time Magazine Article:,9171,1187385,00.html

Full Transcript:

That is still a brave woman! Wow... PRAISE BE TO THE INFIDEL!

El Cabong!:
Let all you know about this video and e-mail this post to everyone you know, it will snowball and cause whirlwing in the political world of opinion.

this was a fantastic post... your right email this video to everyone you know and encourage them to do the same

El Cabong!:
I think anyone who can should pass this video on to Chaim. I know he will appreciate this. I was blown away and I'm stii receiving e-mails thanking me for forwarding it to them.


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