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Sad situation in Passaic, NJ. Single men are afraid to be involved

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Because at the drop of a hat a man is evil. Rabbi Tovia Singer's father, also a Rabbi,  also is involved in this community and does nothing to help the singles who live here. This is what was written on End the Madness by a Women. (I complained and it was censored sadly). There are Orthodox single men in Passaic about 60 I counted but I guess are all frightening (I am I see the women and their husbands love to make fun of the boys).They will not call you back if you make the slightest complaint. They have women make fun of their OWN SONS driving skills. Anyway, this is what a women wrote.

Passaic, NJ- THE WORST place for a single woman
There are countless young, beautiful single women in this town who cannot get a date. Everywhere I turn there are friends of mine, all stunning, brilliant and of close to impeccable character, dreaming up desperate things to do to alleviate the situation. The latest strategy, I hear, is to make friends with random people, hoping that they can suggest a shidduch one day. This is sad news indeed. The only reason why girls can't get married in this town is because there are NO GUYS, and therefore meeting more people from the same town is unlikely to deliver anything.

So, men, if you have anything to offer a beautiful religous girl 25 and under (or older, for that matter), please bestow your graces on this town.

>Alex Traiman just told Tovia that Tamar is always right because she is one of the righteous women of Israel so she is always right.

Thanks for proving my point Yacov. This is goddess worship.
This is a sin. This is paganism. This is called insincere flattery. And way over the top insincere flattery I might add. This is not healthy Yacov and what you are doing isn't right.   No person on earth is always right including Rabbi Kahane or anybody.  Many men have had their lives ruined because they always ASSUME the women is right just because she is legitimately good in some other area.

You are telling me that Tamar Yonah is more righteous then Moses. Are you saying Tamar Yonah is more righteous then Rachel? Even they were not perfect in every single respect. But I guess Tamar Yonah is. Does Alex Traiman know all the women in Israel to say this? This is so over the top I really don't think it is worth comment but I guess I have to comment. This is exactly why I don't like the men at Arutz Sheva. And how to the women pay the men back for this insincere flattery? By having a Rabbi that says whenever there is a problem it's always the man's fault. HOW NICE! I'M SURE MANY MEN WILL FIGHT FOR ISRAEL SO THEY HAVE TO BOW DOWN TO THE WOMEN AND GIVE INSINCERE FLATTERY WHEN THEY HAVE A MILLION OTHER PROBLEMS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO AND THEY GET PAID BACK BY SAYING UNTRUE IDEA'S OR SLANDEROUS IDEA'S ABOUT JEWISH MEN.  That is a great system.  I do believe you are engaging in goddess worship Yacov. Please stop it.

It is one thing to give women credit for legitimate good they do and we absolutely should give credit when credit is due. It is quite another to assume because they are legitimately good in some area's that this means they are perfect in all other area's. There are many Mitzvah's in the torah and please stop making excuses for this inappropriate behavior and playing this stupid game where because a women is good in one area (and deserves credit in THAT AREA) she is good in all other area's even when the evidence doesn't support that they are.

I will be honest and say that I am very concerned about how JTF does not seem to sometimes realize how dangerous the feminist movement is and I think it goes back to Rabbi Kahane. Again, just because Rabbi Kahane as righteous in many area's does not meet how righteous in every single area. Maybe I'm wrong here but I have listened to tapes on Rabbi Kahane and I never heard Rabbi Kahane tell women to ease the load a little off the men as they are facing tremendous pressures.(If I'm wrong please correct me.)  He did criticize the government and others for making life impossible for men. But I don't see where he told women to ease the load and not put impossible presures on them either. The feminist was in a movement in the 1960's and I know there was no real talk radio then and you had the fairness doctrine but it seems to me that for the most part the Kahanist movement looked the other way when it came to feminism unlike other evil movements because they were afraid to OFFEND WOMEN IN ANY WAY EVEN WHEN IT REALLY WAS NECCESARY. Maybe his wife should have been more involved for that reason. I also don't see where he tried to tell women to try to get married relatively young and put having children first rather then a career first. Furthermore, Chaim did say on his show that Rabbi Kahane was subject to false sexual accusations. Yet, he didn't seem concerned about  other men who are falsely accused and aren't well known. Also for this insincere flattery of women there are almost no women on this site. So I don't see what this insincere flattery is for Yacov. I think that proves how silly this insincere flattery is. Women can go to leftist site and get all the insincere flattery they want. I also don't think deep down Yacov women like men like that are such spineless cowards.

If I'm wrong here please continue this threat and educate me because I have listened to some of Rabbi Kahane's tapes on the internet but not all of them. I also missed two Ask JTF shows (MY FAULT) in which I asked some tough questions.

sadly adam is correct in his knowledge in nj. thisi s the way it is, and the women have become so out of tune to life, and the lack of right wing thinking has taken its toll as we can see. these women will never find who they seek because they have not been born yet the kind of men they are looking for. they are deaf dumb and blind.

To be fair here though part of the blame for this men is the fact that the so called right wing in Judaism is very weak when it comes to the area of feminism and the community continues this naive believe that women will automatically do the right thing which is just liberal thinking. Especially when women are taught many lies about men and themselves. NOBODY IS TELLING THE WOMEN THE TRUTH AND THEY DON"T REALIZE THE TRUTH UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.

I will say that just as there is a combination of people that are anti immigration that are antisemitic like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and others you do have this horrible combination of people that are very pro the settlements who are nevertheless people that have a vicious hatred toward their own men and it is terrible that this combination has become very common to the point that it isn't as bad in left wing circles and people think RIGHT WING JUDAISM basically is that women are never responsible for their own actions. The Jewish Press is worse on feminism then the Jewish Week is. We have a newspaper here in NJ  the Jewish Voice which is very pro kahanist pro women in green yet this women Susan Rosenbluth supports organizations that for emotional abuse which can be defined as almost anything men will not be allowed to see their children. And they have so much propoganda about abuse that they do not want to get married. She has never in one case ever been concerned about boys that have been victims or even that many family problems are two sided.

This feminist movement has been killing the Culture for over thirty years since abortion was legalized.  Low birth rates among families not to mention the people who aren't married even at late ages.  Why aren't the synagogues more vigilant in this area in preserving the old guard traditions of Jewish men and woman ?   This is frankly upsetting and utterly disturbing !   


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