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The Garment of The High Priest
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From the archives of the old Kahane Forum.

 Joseph's Garment
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On Arutz 7's Temple Talk, Sanhedrin Member Rabbi Chaim Richman of The Temple Institute said that Joseph's "coat of many colors" was the garment G-d made for Adam after eating from the tree. It was passed down through the generations to Noah and then Shem. 
Nimrod stole it and Esav got it when he killed Nimrod. That is the garment that Rebekah told Jacob to wear to get the blessing intended for Esav. Jacob gave it to Joseph. 
Does anyone know how it got from Joseph to Aaron? Because they also said on the program that it became the garment of The High Priest. 
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  Re: Joseph's Garment
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I herad in synagogue recently that Joseph's brothers brought back the same garment but eventually after it became the robe of The Kohen Gadol, Bnei Esav took it back when The Roman destroyed The Temple and The Romans took it back with them to Rome when they destroyed The Second Temple.