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I have found JTF by looking up about Rabbi Kahane z"l.  It was indeed a breath of fresh air as 1900 years of exile have turned the Jewish people into sheep.  Can you imagine Yehoshua bin Nun or David ha Melech - aleichem ha shalom - being around now and how they would deal with the Ishmaelites!  And indeed with our so called leaders, and that's not only the secular bolshevik establishment.

It is important to focus and support the hilltop youth - they are on the front line - like the generation led by Yehoshua bin Nun (alav ha shalom) as opposed to the self-defeating generation that left mitzraim.  Incidentally the generation following those of the holocaust inherited Eretz Yisrael as an independent state - very similar to that of those of the exodus. However we also need to illuminate the Jewish youth in the Diaspora who are fed a lot of rubbish under the guise of Israel critism.

It is time the nation re-affirms its na'aseh ve nishma!  Na'aseh - doing - carrying out - living Torah. Ve nishma - and listen to Ha Shem's instruction and guidance. Meaning - take over Eretz Yisrael in its entirety as commanded = na'aseh. Then, install a Torah government and purify Har ha Bayit in waiting for Mashiach = ve nishma.

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