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Now ready: Answers for Ask Yesha Audio Show: 29 April - 24 Nisan


Baruch Hashem, the second episode dated Tuesday, 29 April, 2008 is now ready to download here: or at:

---Length: 53 mins, size: 24MB---

The first show, episode one - from 6 April/2 Nissan, can be heard by downloading it at: - also at:

It can also be downloaded here: [/i] [/b]

Thanks to you all of you for your great questions - a new thread will soon appear for the next show, in two weeks time.  ;)


Hi Yesha! Thanks for answering my question in the last show. How do members of hilltop communities in Israel get access to necessary medical and dental care?

Ben Ish Chai:
Shalom again Yesha,

Loved your first show, i think you were very professional - and i must say, i could have been easily convinced you were much older!
I am also an advanced-year university student in a Commonwealth country, and find it amazing to find others like me, equally dedicated to saving Israel and preserving the Jewish people.

What do you think of the traditions and zealousness of Mizrachi Jews - such as those of Iraq, Persia, Morocco, Yemen, etc. 
They make up a huge proportion of Israel's population and culture, and are now found in high offices of the Israeli establishment. 
Unfortunately, the corrupting Bolshevik state seems to have drained the religious adherence and piety that these Jews had on arrival to Israel.
Using this subpopulation as an example, do you think Israel can be saved without a complete religious re-awakening - leading to an unapologetic messianic movement?

Shalom rav Zev,

If all Jews returned to tiny Israel then we would be one nuke away from extinction, do you not agree? I think that we must hedge the risks by keeping big religious communities in the exile for this purpose alone.

The secular 'progressive' Jews are tragically assimilating themselves into oblivion but whatever we do, they wouldn't make Aliyah anyway. I fear that the exiles might lose their vitality if too many of the religious and patriotic Jews, who are active and are a consolidating element of their communities, make Aliyah.

In no way do I try to convince you not to make Aliyah, I'm sure that in the current state of affairs the vast majority of even the most loyal and patriots are not making Aliyah anyway. However I think that we shouldn't completely de-legitimize the exiles.


How does making aliyah work?
Is everyone who says he's Jewish allowed to live in Israel and gets the Israeli citizenship for free?

Thanks for your time,


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