Author Topic: French court overturns libel conviction in al-Dura case  (Read 1503 times)

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French court overturns libel conviction in al-Dura case
« on: May 25, 2008, 07:37:04 AM »
A French appeals court has overturned the libel conviction of Phillipe Karsenty who accused tv channel French 2 of publishing a doctored report, that falsely accused the IDF of killing mohammed al dura.  The ruling implicitly suggests that the report was indeed doctored and based on lies.

we know as fact that the IDF could not have shot the boy, due to their respective locations it was physically impossible.  so, either the boy was not shot, and the incident was staged, or a poor innocent boy was shot, by arabs, for propaganda purposes - an unwilling martyr.

a Google search comes up with the follow sites covering the news...

Interesting that I could find no other media articles about this, aside from a few older articles by Melanie Philips (a proper sound, British conservative), in the Spectator who was following the case.

The media reaction to the original claim, that the IDF shot the boy, was to immediately villify Israel without considering the facts of the case.  I wonder how many will print a retraction now?