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OPEN to Jews and gentiles.  ;)
Please post your great questions and comments here and I look forward to addressing them on Wednesday, 11 June/8 Sivan (Isru Chag).

The show will be put up, G-d willing the next day, Thursday.

Everyone is welcome to ask on any topic, though on Torah qualified to answer.

Please limit your post to one question or comment – that’s per poster.


-Zev Ben Yisrael, “Yesha”

P.S.: To download the latest show - #4 - you can go to: 
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I recently went onto Youtube to look up funny commercials, and I ran across one for Weetabix that had pieces of cereal in it that looked like skinheads threatening people to eat the cereal! I was wondering if you'd seen this commercial and what you thought of a cereal commercial using skinheads as mascots.

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Great show Zev,
     Do you believe that there is much anti-semitism in th U.K. today? If so, in what forms does it exist? ( Is it : socially..... the British do not want to mix with Jews; are not offered to Jews, etc)

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Hi Yesha,
can you tell us a little bit about yourself, are you a Rabbi? Where are you from? What do you do?
Thank you for starting another great program similar to what Chaim does.
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Free Javakh!!!
I defecate on Stalin's grave.

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Re: New: Ask Yesha Audio Show for Wednesday, 11 June/8 Sivan (Isru Chag)
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Shalom rav Zev.

I have two clarifications to make if I may:

I don't call you a rav I mean to greet you with Shalom rav (rav means great in this context), it is a common formal greeting in Hebrew.

I didn't mean to ask two questions in the previous show, It was supposed to be the same question but after it got deleted I reposted it from memory and then posted a different version in the thread of the third show. Sorry for the confusion I caused. 

My question: How did you get to like Mizrahi music and how do you keep updated with it from England?

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Re: New: Ask Yesha Audio Show for Wednesday, 11 June/8 Sivan (Isru Chag)
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Hello dear YESHA! :)

  First of all, I would like to congratulate you and tell you how excited and thrilled I am to have my first question posted here in this thread. This is such a Zechut! I am so grateful to you for letting us receive this amazing gift every other week!  Oh, and you are a real "Pro" as a speaker!! I have to ask you: Is it possible for you to do an additional program, on which you would talk about any subjects you like related to JTF? I know it's time consuming for you.. Maybe just one show, whenever you get time...

  Anyway, here is my question:  How would you interpret Russia's actions today? What are their real motives, in your opinion? They supposedly know what danger they're putting themselves in. They could be digging their own grave by helping Muslim countries get nuclear weapons. Do you think they believe they will never be attacked eventually as well, by the same Muslim countries whom they help? And finally, what is the Public Opinion in England on Russia?

Thank you again for all your time and effort! :)


Gam Bashan veGam Gil'ad.
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Re: New: Ask Yesha Audio Show for Wednesday, 11 June/8 Sivan (Isru Chag)
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Besides Rav Kahane ztl hyd,   

who are your favourite zionist rabbis.. and Why ?
could you give a synopsis of how their approaches differ?


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Re: New: Ask Yesha Audio Show for Wednesday, 11 June/8 Sivan (Isru Chag)
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Were Catskill's hotels like Grossinger's and the Concord, summer bungalow colonies or kids' summer ("concentration") camps ever a halachically-sanctioned Jewish experience?
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