Author Topic: Meeting of neo Ustashis (Croatian Nazis) in Hercegovina - 1992  (Read 1562 times)

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Place: Metkovic - Year of 1992

The leader of the Usatshi paramilitary formation HOS and a member of the Ustashi political party HSP (which still ligally exist in Croatia) Blaz Kraljevic and his fascist cooperators organize a meeting in Hercegovina - place Metkovic.
Many Serbs were in the 15th untill the 18th century catholized by the members of Vatican's institutions which were operating in places like Hercegovina for example.

A Serbian Catholic (well he must be a Serb with a last name like that)
pronounces that he and his unit of ustashis will send the Cetniks (they mean the Serbs, who count 50% of Bosnia and Hercegovina's population) across the river of Drina to Serbia and reestablish the NDH Nazi state of Croatia - under the same borders like during WW2.

Milosevic had in those days the total control over the most powerfull milirtay force on ex Yugoslavia's territory. What a shame that Belgrade (Yugoslavia's centre of force) allowed this kind of scum to exist. To bad that communism was still strong in those days, to bad!

Look, these people declare their selves as members of the Ustashi movement which was direct responcible for the horrible genocide against + 800.000 Serbs and +/- 65.000 Yugoslav Jews during WW2.

Non Serb members allow me to inform you that the Serbs were fighting, in 1990 untill 1995, people who openly cald them selves Nazis!

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Re: Meeting of neo Ustashis (Croatian Nazis) in Hercegovina - 1992
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Croatian animals, kill the whole lot of them.