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Tudjman & the Croatian Ustashe Nazi genocide of Krajina Serbs 1990 - 1995

Compiled by 4International writers: Nathan Pearlstein, Joshua Rosenberg, Max Rosenthal & Shlomo Baum

The late Croatian pro-Ustashe Nazi and Hitler-loving, Holocaust-denying antisemitic president, Franjo Tudjman, wrote in his 1988 Croatian version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, entitled: “Wastelands of Historical Truth” (aka “Wastelands of Historical Reality”) the following:

“The establishment of Hitler’s New Order could be justified by the need to be rid of the Jews, as well as to correct the French-British sin of the (post WW1) Versailles setup” and… “Genocidal violence is a natural phenomenon in harmony with the societal and mythologically Divine nature. Genocide is not only permitted it is also recommended, even commanded by the Word of the Almighty, whenever it is useful for the survival or the restoration of the earthly kingdom of the chosen nation, or for the preservation and spreading of its one and only correct faith”.

The prestigious US-based publication “Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy” in its January 1993 edition, wrote the following:
[start quote]

Tudjman, at the first convention of the Croatian Democratic Union (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica: HDZ), on February 26, 1990, said, in the presence of more than 100 Ustashi war criminals who had escaped the law courts and fled to international havens after World War II:

“The Independent State of Croatia [ie: the World War II Croatian Ustashe Nazi state] was not only a mere Quisling creation, but also an expression of the historical aspirations of the Croatian people for an independent state of their own and recognition of international factors–the Government of Hitler’s Germany in this case.”

Tudjman delivered a speech to the Croatian Sabor (parliament) on the occasion of the proclamation of the Republic of Croatia on December 22, 1990. In the Constitution he proposed, and which was adopted, the Serbs lost their nation status within Croatia, and were relegated to the status of a national minority. The official war against the Serbs had been resumed.

Even before Croatia became independent, the Croatian Minister of Internal Affairs, Martin Spegelj, advised his colleagues:

“We are in the war with [ie: against] the Army [Yugoslav Army:JNA] Should anything happen, kill them all in the streets, in their homes, through hand grenades, fire pistols into their bellies, women, children …We will deal with [the Croatian Serb Krajina town of] Knin by butchering.”

[end quote]

And here is proof that Martin Spegelj’s verbal threats against the Serbs were not merely bluster or sabre rattling. [photos courtesy of Julia Gorin's blog]

Please read in full the entire article with many more photos here below:

The introductory article which places the above in historical context (eg the  Croat-run Jasenovac death camp complex for Serbs, Jews & Roma - construction of which preceded the German Nazi Wannsee conference by almost a year - can be read here):

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Very nice article. Very impressive.
It is very interesting for me because I originate from those areas.

I it nice to see those translation of the speeches of the Croatian politicians.
I have heard it a lot of times in Serbian. I must admit it is very professional translated into English.
This information is very usefully. 
I am sure that the content of your articles will be also useful fro other purposes.


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In this time.
Nobody does anything for the Krajina Serbs of cares about their desteny.
The current leaders of Serbia have no intention to provide help to the Krajina Serbs and their fatherland Krajina. The main priority of the current Serbian leaders is to build a strong relationship with the West (EU + USA).
To accomplish that they must accept all the conditions which are established by the West. One of those conditions is the forgotness and forgiveness of the Croatian committed genocide against the Serbs.

Actually the current Serbian political leaders are not even sovereign in governing their own sate. They are totally instrumentalized by foreign power and should not be recognized as members of a independent government. The current Serbian government
(the sate is without a government at the moment) has not the characteristics of a independent and sovereign one. Current Serbian leaders condemn Serbian resistance against evil states which took place in the nineties. To make it more worse they are transforming the real aggressors (Croatian Bosnian collation) into victims and the real victims (Serbs) they are marking as aggressors.

Who needs enemies with a government like that?
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Shalom dear brother Dalmacija,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and deep appreciation!!

Everything you say is 100% true and correct.The Jews have the same type of traitorous leaders in Israel, although I am sure you would agree that the Serbian leaders are just as bad if not even more traitorous towards their Serbian brethren in the Krajina.

The purpose of our article on 4International is to establish a mass movement of unity between the Serbs and Jews in order to remove our respective corrupt, traitorous governments and install righteous patriotic governments in their stead.

There is a California lawyer - Jonathan Levy - who is suing the Vatican and Croatian Roman Catholic Franciscan Order (the financiers and benefactors of the Ustashe) on behalf of Holocaust victims in Croatia from 1941 to 1945 and suing them also for the ethnic cleansing of Krajina Serbs from Croatia from 1990 to 1995 on behalf of the Republic of Serbian Krajina [RSK] in Exile.The case against the Vatican was dismissed recently on a legal technicality but the case against the Croat Roman Catholic Franciscan Order is still pending.

Please visit:

for more information on the long running case.

We - all of us righteous Jews and Gentiles on JTF must help one another to achieve these goals.

G-d bless you Dalmacija for your support!!


P.S. Please help us with article suggestions and comments by visiting our website blog. ;)