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20-something guy in the Land of Israel seeks vegetarian right wing "extremist"..

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I'm in my mid 20's and I'd really like to get married. I'm vegetarian and the Land of Israel will be my home forever. Leaving Israel isn't an option. I want someone as serious about protecting the Land as I am and a complete vegetarian. (Not one of these people who have a "meat on Shabbbos" requirement...)

Yes I know that just ruled out 99.999% of women.

Just to clarify, since some people don't actually believe me when I say these things, I will NOT compromise on my vegetarianism. I will NOT compromise on my love for the Land and live in America. I don't want someone who will just passively accept my beliefs, I want someone who holds them 100% herself!!!

(The really strong right wingers don't tend to be vegetarian and the vegetarians are often the world peace let's-all-love-humanity types....)

Lewinsky Stinks, Dr. Brennan Rocks:
I know how you feel, brother. I require a woman who ONLY wants to adopt and not have biological kids. Problem is that most women who do not want bio kids are leftie feminists.  :'(

Anyway, best of luck in your search!

I would lose the vegetarian requirement.  How about a women who will respect you being a vegetarian but who is not one?  Also most women don't care about politics so it is hard to find a politically oriented girl.  I'm just looking for someone who wouldn't mind by Kahanist beliefs. 

I can't say what I'll do when Moshiach comes because I'm sure that'll be a whole different world. I can only say what I'll do while we're still waiting for Moshiach...

To answer Yacov Ben Rachamim, I'm vegetarian for a few reasons. Health, cruelty to animals, and Gan Eden are among them. The human body has difficulty digesting meat, and I believe we were never created to eat meat. (I'm talking about pure meat. I could go on for many paragraphs about the risks of chemicals, growth hormones, mad cow disease, etc.) H' lets people go the way of their free choice, so when Jews had the craving for Slav birds that was permitted by H' (reluctantly). H' didn't tell Adam to go kill some of his animal buddies and enjoy them for dinner. (Okay, okay, so now you'll say vegetarians caused the downfall of humanity because he and Chava ate from the tree... I don't have an answer for that one! :) ) Yes I know you can tell me about Avraham and other instances where meat was glorified, and I can't tell you what I'll eat after Moshiach comes, I can only say what I believe is right for me in the times we live in.

jdl4ever: A woman who will respect me being a vegetarian but who isn't one herself will present many problems, including what to have for Shabbos. Assuming she even agrees to have no meat in the house at all, would that be fair to her? I'd much rather have better Shalom Bayit with a woman who is a vegetarian herself. Someone who is vegetarian is usually health conscious and open to vitamins etc., another big plus.

I'm not really expecting to find her here, but I have to do my part and try to find her... Hey, I stand a better chance here than many other places...

Shavua Tov / Chodesh Tov!!!!!!

>Chaimfan wrote:
>I know how you feel, brother. I require a woman who ONLY wants to adopt and not have biological kids.

Why don't you want to have your own kids. From what I understand you don't fullfill the obligation of be fruitful and multiply from adaption. Furthermore, while an adopdated child should have a sense of gratitude toward his adoptive parents they are considered the real parents regardless. Honor thy father and mother applies to the biological parents.


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