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NEW: Mel Gibson in new Jewish film - No... I'm not kidding.


You've got to be kidding me... the last line in the article is kind of funny.
Hitler, Gibson in new Jewish film
Leslie Bunder
Published:    09.03.06, 09:59

Time traveling Adolf Hitler intent on changing history is theme for sequel to controversial Jewish comedy film The Hebrew Hammer

A flop in the box office but a hit on DVD, The Hebrew Hammer starred Adam Goldberg as a Jewish hero who has to save Chanukah from the evil son of Santa Claus.

In the 2003 release, The Hebrew Hammer was slammed by some Jewish groups for its mockery of them as well as stereotypical portrayals of Jews and director/writer Jonathan Kesselman, intends to continue giving them cause for concern.

When it was released on DVD in 2004, Kesselman told of the backlash he had by some groups to his first film:

"It surprised me because in my mind it’s a very positive Jewish film that is a love letter to being Jewish. It’s weird because I’m not breaking new ground. Mel Brooks was doing jokes like this in the 70’s and 80’s. Before shooting I got a call from Anti-Defamation League, because they somehow got a hold of the script but they had certain problems with bizarre things like sight gags."

In the sequel, Hollywood star Mel Gibson is gunned down on screen by the Hebrew Hammer after a tirade of anti-Semitic outbursts and Kesselman is even hoping that Gibson will star in a parody role after the actor said he wishes to make amends.

"I think if Mel wants to truly extend an olive branch to the Jewish Community as a whole, his on-screen death would go a long way in accomplishing that goal," he told showbiz site,7340,L-3298876,00.html

El Cabong!:
Gibson will probably yell, "allah akbar" as he falls dying.

The Hebrew Hammer was great fun.

The Hebrew Hammer Mordechai Jefferson Carver teams up with someone called Muhammad from the black power organization against the evil white man, as depicted by Santa Claus' blond son played by Andy D ick.

The usual stereotyping of blond men is represented throughout, notably at the start where two blond boys are bullying little Shlomo before the Hebrew Hammer saves the day, 'You're a bad, big-nosed biblical brother.'



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