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Re: Ask JTF July 27, 2008 BS"D
« Reply #25 on: July 23, 2008, 10:43:31 AM »
Shalom Chaim,

My question is this: in an IDEAL world - where there was a sane American government and a sane Israeli government - what would be done with sub-Saharan Africa? One option is simply to let the Africans fight their bloody conflicts and keep killing each other, and stay the hell out of it. But Africa has vast natural resources, an incredible amount of beautiful wide-open land, wonderful animals, et cetera. Despite the fact that the humans there seem incapable of ruling themselves, the nature and wildlife and resources are still very valuable. Would you propose another Rhodesia-style colonization of the land? When it was under white minority rule, Rhodesia and South Africa were great, prosperous countries with a higher standard of living for both whites AND blacks. But the delusional people of today seem to think that a savage, nightmarish hell-hole of violence, rape, disease and starvation governed by blacks is superior to a peaceful and prosperous place that is governed by whites.

What is the solution for Africa? Would you propose a restoration of Rhodesia? It was a great country and had some of the best military special forces.

A cavalryman of the Rhodesian Grey's Scouts:

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Re: Ask JTF July 27, 2008 BS"D
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Dear Chaim, do you think synagogues that have boards with members that make decisions are a bad idea. I generally think that people that join boards in synagogues are more/less just trying to add to their so called honor and prestige and do not make the place a more Torah observant institution. I feel its better when a Rabbi makes decisions and if people dont agree with the Rabbi's decisions, then respectfully talking with the Rabbi about having common ground. Doesnt that sound like a nice enlightning, progressive, moderate idea? Kind of like the way you are, which is why I admire you and this great forum!
-Aharon Ben Yitzchak

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Re: Ask JTF July 27, 2008 BS"D
« Reply #27 on: July 24, 2008, 05:14:49 PM »
Dear Chaim:

You disagreed with me that right-wing Whites are more anti-Jewish than left-wing Whites. I have been researching this since then and conclude there isn't one organization in America that is at least as anti-liberal as yours and isn't anti-Jewish. Even the members of the American Renaissance organization, which is the least anti-Jewish anti-liberal organization and even has Jewish members, applauded enthusiastically when a speaker said that Israel would not survive its first 100 years. In American politics there are only liberals, phony conservatives (Mccain) or anti-Semites (David Duke, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan). Those that oppose AA, welfare, Black and Hispanic high crime and immigration are all fiercely anti-Jewish. How can you become a mass movement in America with such a rare combination of positions? Would you have been dedicated solely to Jewish issues had Blacks and Hispanics not been anti-Jewish but still anti-White?

Take Care.
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Re: Ask JTF July 27, 2008 BS"D
« Reply #28 on: July 25, 2008, 07:23:07 AM »
Are Catskill's hotels such as The Concord, halachically sanctioned torah Jewish experiences?  Similarly, are Jewish kids' summer camps experiences which enhance Jewish consciousness? 
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Re: Ask JTF July 27, 2008 BS"D
« Reply #29 on: July 25, 2008, 10:20:11 AM »
first off, my best wishes and prayers for your mother.  I hope her procedure turned out ok. 
my question this week involves a disturbing incident I had.  There has been a young israeli girl that
I have had my eye on for some time who works in a nearby shopping mall.  She sells dead sea skin creams and salts
for an israeli cosmetics firm.  I finally got up the nerve to talk to her and ask her out
but she told me that she is currently romantically involved with someone she described as a "musician".
she seemed enchanted with this boyfriend and even showed me a youtube clip of her boyfriend "performing" on her laptop.
let's just say he be extremely talented!  hmmm hmmm hmmm!"  I couldn't beleive that this daughter of israel
and nathalie portman lookalike is involved with an ebonics ranting aspiring rap star.  what could I
say to her to if nothing else, talk some sense into her?

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Re: Ask JTF July 27, 2008 BS"D
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Shalom Chaim,

Could you comment on the Nazi Obama's visit to Nazi Germany?

As always you're a gentleman and a scholar. May God bless your mother.

Kol tuv.

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Re: Ask JTF July 27, 2008 BS"D
« Reply #31 on: July 25, 2008, 04:54:01 PM »
If for some chance you saw Barack Obama on an elevator, what would you say to him?