Author Topic: 32 wars in Israel's Histtory (Modern Israel) - dating to actlauuy just after  (Read 2103 times)

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W W 1

I count 31 wins and 1 Draw,

The Draw Being in Munich,

The Way I understand it. The Towelhead Terrorists

were using the Israeli Athletes as Human Shields

(as a towelhead will do, because you have to be smaller than something to hide behind it, right?)

SO the Munich PD was given no choice BUT TO kill the Israeli Athletes IN ORDER TO KILL the raghead terrorists

What i do kno w is that no intent of naziism on the part of Munich PD ever was.


31 - 1 - 0

OR 31 - 0 - 1

depending on how you look at it, American or otherwise

315/320 = 0.984 - Good Field Record