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A busy day for the religion of peace.

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Afghanistan, Parwan,  Muslims attack a police vehicle, killing three occupants. 3 killed, 1 injured.

Jordan, Amman, A muslim yells, 'Allah Akbar' while gunning down a British tourist and injuring five others. 1 killed, 5 injured.

Iraq,   Basra, Islamic terrorists attack a British patrol, killing two members. 2 killed, 2 injured.

Afghanistan, Kabul,   Six people are killed by a muslim Fedayeen suicide bomber. 6 killed, 7 injured.

Philippines, Jolo, Abu Sayyaf militants kill five troops trying to apprehend two Bali bombers. 5 killed, 20 injured.

India, Kashmir, Seven Indian troops are killed in three separate attacks by Islamic militants. 7 killed, 11 injured.

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disgusting, isnt it.

now find out how many of those were ahmadis.

No need to look, the answer is none, if you are a good enough example to go by, the ahmadis are too confused about what their beliefs mean to actually do anything.


--- Quote ---if you are a good enough example to go by
--- End quote ---
trust me, i'm not.

besides, im not confused about what i believe. you're confused about what i believe because its so different to the islam you're used to.

No, it's because it makes even less sense than "normal" Islam.


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