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The latest show, episode #9 – 4 Aug., - can be heard by going to this site and following the links:

Times on the show that forum members’ questions are answers – minutes and seconds:

1.   Rubystars @ 17:30

2.   Paulette @ 21:00

3.   Blastaway @ 21:40

4.   Zelhar @ 29:00

5.   q_q_ @ 32:50

Time: 41:30; 19MB
Open to Jews and gentiles. 

Please post your great questions and comments here I look forward to addressing them on Sunday 17 August/16 Av. The show will be put up, G-d willing Sunday.

Everyone is welcome to ask on any topic, though on Torah I’m not that qualified to answer.

Please limit your post to one question or comment – that’s per poster.

 Thank you all,
-Zev Ben Yisrael, “Yesha”

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Thank you Zev :) Your show is always awesome. I really appreciate your kind words and your answering my questions. Here's my question for you:

When did you find out about JTF and what made you realize it was an organization you wanted to be a part of?
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how do you spend shabbat and how have you spent shabbat in the past?

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Shalom Zev,

What is the general vibe amongst British Jews and the British people in general about Barack Hussein Obama?

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Greetings Yesha,

This is my first question posted to you, so I apologize if I ask a question you were already asked. Which of the Britishmen do you prefer, Gordon Brown, or Tony Blair?

Cheers, ProJewChristian
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"A wise man's heart directs him toward the right, but a foolish man's heart directs him toward the left." Ecclesiastes 10:2

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Shalom rav Zev

Under what circumstances if any could Israel carry out transfer of the Arabs without suffering severe repercussion such as an economic blockade or military intervention?