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All the news that's fit to butcher
« on: August 18, 2008, 03:09:31 PM »
Well, the NY nazi times is at it again.  This really angers me.


The N.Y. Times’ call to action — for everyone but the Palestinians
Author: Uriel Heilman Filed under: Israel, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Monday
Aug 18,2008
The lead editorial in today’s New York Times calls on Ehud Olmert to freeze all Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank and ease Palestinian movement obstructed by Israeli roadblocks.

It also calls on the Israeli prime minister’s likely successors to “behave responsibly” and negotiate a two-state solution with the Palestinians. And it says “A way must be found to help turn Hamas into a legitimate and acceptable negotiating partner.”

Israeli politicians must work with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to strengthen his hand vis-a-vis Hamas and other extremists, Arab countries must press Hamas to be more responsible, and President Bush must press Israel and the Palestinian Authority to do what’s necessary to secure a peace deal, the editorial says.

Why do the N.Y. Times editorialists put the onus for action on all parties except for the Palestinians?