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British Hospital Bends Over Backwards for muslims

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El Cabong!:
A Britsh hospital is introducing burka style gowns for muslims. This really takes the cake. Cover up the patient from head to toe- how the hell are the doctors going to know who they're working on, lol! I see lawsuits galore for malpractice. The Brits are so apologists, appeasers, pc, and butt smoochers.
Oh noes, the gown allows one to see this woman's hands, THE HORRORS ! ! ! !


A hospital in northwest England has introduced a new surgical gown modelled on the burka, allowing female Muslim patients to cover themselves completely in line with their religious beliefs.
The blue "Inter-Faith Gown" is the first of its type in Britain and has been trialled at the Royal Preston Hospital. It will be available to those who want it from November 1.

Hospital bosses said the gown -- which covers the entire body from head to toe -- provides extra comfort and cover for patients undergoing medical procedures and whose culture or religion requires more modest attire.

They described the response from patients as "overwhelming" and said it had attracted interest from a number of other hospitals around the country.

The Daily Express featured the new gown on its front-page Tuesday. But the right-of-centre newspaper was critical, arguing that the gown's introduction was an example of "political correctness" and skewed priorities.

It added in an editorial that it was tantamount to special treatment for one group of people.

"If people want to live in Britain, then they must accept British standards and the British way of life... The standard hospital gown is surely good enough for everyone."

The paper reported that the gowns cost 12 pounds (18 euros/23 dollars) each.

What the hell is that!!! I thought the KKK wore white!

This has got to be a joke... hahahaha

That is messed up! What a bunch of morons! lol

My country keeps going from low to lower, from bad to worse.

Another bad thing on a similar topic, but not in my country:

How did I miss this topic? 

How amusing.  :)

In my opinion, Muslims should not be allowed to use the same hospitals as white people.  In fact, non-whites should not be given medical care at all because the cost is disproportionately borne by middle class white taxpayers.

Let G-d decide if these coloured invaders shall live.



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