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The 1956 Sinai Campaign
« on: September 05, 2006, 11:10:33 PM »
England and France used to be strong allies of Israel in The 1950's. They even joined Israel in a war, therefore being more Pro-Israel at the time than the self-hating American Government has ever been. The self-hating Eisenhower Administration ignored Soviet oppression towards Hungary while at the same time they intervened when Israel together with England and France liberated The Sinai and The Suez Canal. That was the only time when Israel had an ally in a war and The United States sided with The USSR and and they both came to stop the war and intervene on behalf of Arab Muslim Nazi Egypt. In the meantime, The Soviets massacred innocent Hungarians.

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Re: The 1956 Sinai Campaign
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one thing is hard for me to understand- according to Genesis 15 verse 18, the promised land includes Sinai. now, in the declaration of independence, there wanst any religious claim of the land; there were historical claims, moral, natural and so on, but not because Eretz Israel is our promised land. its very hard for me to understand it, because G-d and religion are the basics of being Jewish. i think thats the reason for our government to always return land to the arabs. keeping the promised land has never been a formal moivation of settling Israel. even the settlements in Gaza and West Bank- the settlers wanted to keep the promised land, but the government only saw them as a "bargain tool" for future agreements of "peace" for Jewish land. 

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