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Twas Liberals, Twsa Turbanheads

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5 years ago 3000 dead
You know Im right these words here said
Twas Liberals, twas turbanheads

Immigrants here on our soil
Think they do as they will, makes my blood boil
As the Jews and Christian Sweat and Toil
The Turbanheads to flaunt their oil

Hell awaits them one and all,
they will hear satans grim call.
Eternally in fire to fall
Liberals, turbanheads, one and all


I like your rhymes.

Can we please have some more of your poetry?


well, knowing you are not a Zionist Christtian, as am I, I THANK YOU none the less and most kindly.
I picked up a copy of FLight 93 the movie, AND Ann Coulter's Book, "Godless" today.
I'll come back with more poems perhaps later this evening

G. R.

gentilerighteous  wrote:
5 years ago 300 dead
You know Im right these words here said

You're wrong. It was 3,000 dead.

Sheesh, do some proofreading before you post.


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