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Why Jews Believe In G-d
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Why Jews Believe In G-d

A Wisconsin aurora, partially
obscured by a cloud bank

A high-resolution image of the
famous Horsehead nebula in Orion

This subject is much too involved for just one article or for even a thousand articles. Which is why the great Jewish sages and scholars of the Talmud and the Midrash composed many volumes of brilliant analysis to decisively prove that there is a G-d, that there is only one G-d, and that He is indeed the G-d of the Tanach (the Bible).

This article will very briefly only begin to scratch the surface of the most important subject in the world.

First of all, the universe could not possibly have been created from nothing.

Lenticular clouds over
California's Mount Shasta

A cosmic "jewel box" illustrates the incredible size and splendor of our universe - Nearly every object in the photograph, a deep field exposure by the Hubble space telescope, is not a star but a galaxy, composed of anywhere from a billion to hundreds of billions of stars. (The region shown, despite its incredible wealth of massive objects, is so tiny a fraction of the entire sky that it can be covered by a dime held at seventy feet from the naked eye.)

It is absolutely impossible for nothing - a complete vacuum - to create something. Nothing has no power to create. Nothing has no ability to create. No creation can emerge out of nothing.

Therefore, something created the universe. And something always existed. Because if there had been a time when nothing existed, then there would never and could never have been any creation.

A desert in the California mountains,
in gorgeous springtime bloom

For example, you cannot create a number out of zero. If you multiply a number by zero, the result is always zero. If you add zero to an existing number, the value of the existing number will remain unchanged. Which means zero does not even have the power to add any value to that which already exists.

Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring - The brilliant colors are caused by sulfur allotropes and various species of sulfur-eating bacteria, each species capable of living at a different temperature in the hot spring's steaming waters. (The closeup shows the wooden walkway for park visitors, a number of whom can be seen admiring the spectacle.)

And if you subtract zero from an existing number, the value of the existing number will remain unchanged. Because zero also lacks any power to detract from the value of that which already exists.

Flabellina, a "simple"
ocean dweller

Therefore, even with our very finite understanding of the universe, we know for sure that atheists who assert that the world was created from nothing are definitely wrong.

Something always had to exist. If there had been any period of time when there was nothing, then nothing would have to remain nothing forever, because nothing cannot create something. Nor can something emerge or evolve out of nothing.

The lilac-breasted roller

Aristotle said that even the humblest - and seemingly ugliest - creatures have a beauty for those with eyes to see how wonderful is divine handiwork - The "tongue" of the common housefly, used for sucking up liquids, is a fleshy protruberance along whose surface run dozens of chitinous tubes, which the creature is capable of "zipping" and "unzipping" by means of thousands of microscopic ball-and-socket fasteners

Since something always existed, there has to be something that is timeless, that was always here. By definition, anything that was always here and that is completely timeless is infinite. And anything that is infinite has unlimited power.

Thus, there has to be a Being with unlimited and infinite power. There has to be a G-d. Otherwise, the universe could not possibly exist.

And there has to be only one G-d. For if there were two gods, each god's existence would limit the power of the second god. Only one Being can have unlimited and infinite power.

If G-d has unlimited and infinite power, then He is perfect. Since He is perfect, He does not need anything. He did not create the universe because He needed it, but rather because of his altruistic love. G-d wanted to share with lesser beings the greatest possible good, which is G-d Himself.

It looks - and behaves and sounds - like a hummingbird, but it is actually a nectar-drinking hawk moth (Macroglossum stellatera)

The glory of the universe is absolute proof of G-d's existence and His infinite power.

A Mediterranean
spotted helmet crab

G-d created each human being to be completely unique. There are billions of people in the world, and yet no two human beings have the same fingerprints. All of our many body parts are unique to each one of us. This demonstrates how uniquely important and precious each of us is in the eyes of a loving G-d Who made sure to create all of us with our own individual characteristics.

We all have many billions of cells and molecules that are too tiny for the human eye to see. Yet all of them somehow come together to produce the crown jewel of G-d's creation, which is human life.

Of all works, mankind is surely the most remarkable

The same G-d Who created so many tiny things that enable us to exist, also created things so huge and so vast in the universe that the most advanced telescope could never begin to see them.

The sun is 110 times the size of the planet Earth. The temperature in the center of the sun is tens of millions of degrees Fahrenheit.

M82, the Cigar galaxy, is an "exploding" cigar - Its massive black hole, a million times larger than the sun, is spewing debris tens of thousands of light years (tens of quadrillions of miles) into space. (Astronomers now know that many galaxies, including our own, rotate around central black holes, but little is known about their physics.)

Our sun is only one star. We live in a galaxy full of stars known as the Milky Way.

In our galaxy alone, there are over 100 billion (100,000,000,000) stars, many of which are much larger than the sun.

The incredible vastness of our universe - The Tadpole galaxy, in the upper left-hand corner, nearly collided with a larger galaxy. As the two objects moved apart, a long streamer of stars was drawn out from the Tadpole by the larger galaxy's massive gravitational field. The streamer is presently an incredible 250,000 light years long, each light year - a measure of distance, not time - being 6 trillion (6,000,000,000,000) miles.

And there are billions of galaxies in the universe.

There can be no doubt: there is a G-d, He is all-powerful and infinite, and He is One.

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Man is only beginning to unlock the secrets of the universe - In a phenomenon known as the "Einstein lens," the faint curved slivers are distant galaxies whose appearance has been distorted by the massive gravitational force of a nearby galactic cluster. (Einstein theorized that light bends in a gravitational field, a theory not proven until several years after it was proposed.)

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