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Message from Yesha:

Thanks to you all for your questions.

The latest show, episode #14 – 23 November can be heard by going to any one of these websites and following the link:
Time: 16:30; 7.6MB

The next show, No. 15 – will G-d willing be on 7 Dec./10 Kislev.

NEW: Ask Yesha #15, 10 Dec./10 Kislev
Please post your great questions and comments here and I look forward to addressing them on Sunday 23 Nov./25 Cheshvan.

The show will be put up, G-d willing on Tuesday.

Everyone is welcome to ask on any topic, though on Torah I’m not that qualified to answer - for that go to Judeanoncapta and his gr8 Torah show (!

 Thank you,

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Greetings Yesha. Do you think your country will always be ruled by a monarchy?
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Shalom Yesha,

Thank you for your thought filled answer to my last question.  I was wondering what people in England think about Pat Condell and Melanie Phillips.  My own viewpoint is that I like what Pat Condell says about Islam and multiculturalism, but I do not agree with his atheism.  Melanie Phillips on the other hand, seems to me to be right on the mark.  Are these two people discussed much and what are people saying about them?


Zachor ve kavod.