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Re: Gentile women
« Reply #25 on: November 06, 2007, 10:18:30 PM »
true fruit of thy lions had an obsession but he was really funny

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Re: Gentile women
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Another question why is GoD dashed out on this site
i am new so i have no clue

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Re: Gentile women
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Why did G-d create the North European gentile women?  He created them for the men of the world to have fun with.  He made them pink and cute and almost child-like so that men could enjoy taking them, and thereby life on this world would become more bearable for the unrighteous, since they will suffer in the World to Come.

And so in G-d's eyes all blonde gentile women exist simply as fun-bags.  But please gentlemen spare a thought for those born to such women; those born to such shameless harlots.  How can the souls of such bastards be considered anything other than thoroughly corrupt?

Therefore pray for us, and pray that G-d takes these women off the face of the Earth, so that no more of us will have to be born simply to punish the lascivious for their iniquities.

You are possessed by the false moongod and his false prophet M'ud . You have no right to mock God's creation.

For you see - that is why G-d made me.  My 'mission' in life was to be a straightforward failure so as to punish others for their sins.
G-d does not love me in the slightest bit!

God hates you for that and I do not think it is forgivable!
Turkey must get out of NATO. NATO must get out of Kosovo-Serbia. Croats must get out of Crajina. All muslims must get out of Christian and Jewish land. Turks must get out of Cyprus. Turks must get out of "Istanbul". "Palestinians" must get out of Israel. Israel must become independent from USA.


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Re: Gentile women
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I wish Fruit was back. :'(