Should the German Nazi werewolf be banned?

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Author Topic: Should the German Nazi werewolf be banned?  (Read 22164 times)

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Re: Should the German Nazi werewolf be banned?
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we kicked the traitor kraut bastards asses twice, and we can and will kick them again, and annex germany as the 51st state.
and in this one, public urinatino by american settlers, and others as well as public depication and any other activity any settler wishes to engage in within the future 51st state of the Union, Germany, will be perfectly legal. and any Native German who gives his consent may also engage in such activities, any german, "Jew" or Gentile  giving non consent is to be judged an enemy of the united states, and flogged publically, viciously and mercilessly until such time as he , she is dead, or better yet irrevesibly and severely and outwardly crippled. The Gunning Down of a native german by an american settler will not be recognized as illegal.8)